Why is my Campaign getting reset

My campaign keeps getting reset all the way back to Noble Actual. This is the 3rd time that its happened to me. PLEASE FIX THIS. I am not going to go through the entire campaign again, I’ve already been FORCED to do it twice now. This is getting limited. I don’t boost, and I don’t break any other rules. This is a glitch, and you need to fix it.

just select the furthest mission you’ve reached (no pun intended) and play… main menu > campaign > mission… select your mission and the settings you want

I think what the OP means is that his entire Campaign progress is gone completly, meaning he can’t select the furthest mission because all that shows up is Noble Actual and it says you haven’t even played it, meaning again where it tells you the highest difficulty you played a mission it comes up blank which sucks! How do I know this, well that’s because my Campaign progress was reset today aswell and I’m really ticked off having just done Lengendary last week! Please don’t tell me that I have to do it all over again?! And to the OP, I feel your pain.

Yeah only happened to me once. I do feel bad for you. Hopefully they fix it soon.

I haven’t had it happen but I always avoid ever selecting “Start campaign” or “New campaign” buttons I always go into mission select and select the mission I want (even if I only have the first level)

Sometimes the “Start campaign” buttons are glitchy I dunno if it’s this is true for Reach but it’s a good rule of thumb just in case.

I doubt it’s reversible but if you want the missions back you can just to speed runs though them on easy shouldn’t take to long.

@Link1201 Did you end up doing the whole Campaign again or will it come back normal over time? My thereoy is it has something to do with the game linking to the servers as soon as you start up the game, because today when I started Reach it told me welcome to Noble Team, just like when you played for the first time! I then got a bonus 5000cr twice to purchase armor and my Spartan was reset to default! Luckily all my purchased armor so far wasn’t reset aswell but it was freaky how everything in my Armory was listed as New. Then when I left the Main menu it told me it was TU Beta Weekend Jackpot! Isn’t that over like weeks ago now? Then after that I discovered my Matchmaking settings and Controller settings were reset aswell and I had to fix them. Also after I played one match in MM, it said I was promoted to General Grade 4, I’m already General Grade 4 and more than half way through it! I tried offing the game and turning it back on and my Campaign didn’t fix! I don’t mean to take attention away from the OP’s post but I believe these two problems are related and both of them should be fixed, it’s a little hard to enjoy a game where all your progress gets reset because of a glitch. Hope someone from 343i sees this, what if this happens in Halo CEA?

@WWWilliam we could speed run on easy to unlock them again but that doesn’t fix the problem of doing Lengendary all over again.

I just recently started my membership to live after being gone for 6yrs. When I did all the updates all my armor, campaign, points, and rank are back to the basics. I can’t use anything on live. I played all levels in single campaign by myself (including legendary). Is there a way to fix it?

It happened to me twice, had to play campaign again while i did the weekly challenge