Why is multiplayer canon?

Simple. Multiplayer was never canon before? Why does it have to be now? I’m just wondering why, this seems really weird. If this can restrict fun then it should be removed, otherwise it can stay.


Why not? It gives options for making out mp spartan a character and doesn’t really hurt mp in any way I can think of.
Anything odd can be explained via war games.


It seems like every FPS game is trying to make their multiplayer “canon” in some capacity. Thank goodness Halo didn’t adopt operator characters like every other FPS game is doing too.


They did this last time with Halo 4 via Fireteam Crimson in Spartan Ops, Halo 5 I don’t think they had the time to contextualise that. its arguably been a trend since Reach.


I don’t see it as an effort to make it canon more like an effort to give it a feasible setting. Games at its core is all about role playing, you cannot escape it.

I like what they did with the Spartan Academy in Infinite though, it does make sense that the UNSC are training more Spartans to field against their enemies, and players will actually be more accepting of the whole Spartan 4 program if they were experiencing it themselves.

Remember back when H4 came out and Spartan 4s were made a thing? People were really upset. Heck, people were already upset when Noble Team was a thing along with the Spartan 3 program. And Reach never tried to immerse the player into the role of a Spartan, more like they gave the player the embodiment of Noble Six.

Honestly, this opens up alot for Halo. It could also open up Social aspects, like implementing a hub area in the academy map for players to just chill between matches. In 3rd person. Before you start raising pitchforks at me, just consider this : if all this was implemented, then we wouldn’t need to make Social Customs anymore. The Hub will be the Social area for people to gather/ recruit for clans.


Halo multiplayer has been canon before. Halo 4 and 5 they were literally the wargame simulations held on the infinity. Then the “story” of your own Spartan was pushed into Spartan Ops. Infinite is just extending it. They are mixing the Spartan Ops-esque cutscenes with the multiplayer itself rather than splitting your character across 2 modes.
Not saying this is good or bad. I’m just explaining this isn’t new. They think that mixing your “personalized” spartan (I’m still using basic red color because there isn’t a good black and red 343!!!) into the story makes you feel more immersed.


I see. However, I made this topic because someone in the new Elite thread (or another thread, idk) said that canonizing multiplayer may reduce the likelihood of playable Elites :cold_sweat:. I do get the point you all are making about this being more immersive.

I’m just worried that some of what made old Halo multiplayer fun might be limited or removed altogether. At least Custom Games aren’t canon though.

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That was me, most likely.

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Yeah, I think so too.


It doesn’t at all.
Anubis gen3 was grown and hellioskrill was developed in partnership with sangheli.
Joint ops are still on going in the lore.
Field test and training exercises for both species are entirely plausible infact most probable.
Then we have entire operational arms of unsc controlled space where hinge heads are given high ranking positions along side Spartans
Namely beta3s on onyx.
As of now we have a bigger issue with turncoat Spartans than sanghilli double agents if the books are any indication.

The only thing holding back elites as playable is the animation and modeling implications and balance issues mp being canon does not
If the worry is keeping the academy of the books then I will refer you to my prior comment: “war games.”

Dont worry guys 343i ain’t leaving that cosmetic cash on the table forever


that is true, I just find it very unlikely to happen however.

that doesn’t mean it won’t per say, just unlikely due to what’s required for it.

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I see and understand now. However, I will not be liking your post due your use of the discriminatory insult “hinge heads” directed towards Sangheili.


Ya perhaps but none of that is due to the canon nature of mp and more real word development requirements is all I really mean to say.
However hunchbacks of Sanghelios returning in mp is a big way to push new cosmetics and campaign dlc so I’m inclined to think its more likely than not.
But that’s just my opinion.
I mean a jega dlc would be fairly resource efficient seeing as the locations and Spartans he killed are already finished. And I’m sure loads of dialogue and writing that got cut would fit.
Cloak is already in game.
Boom money in 343is pockets.

@AnimeGameMemer that is entirely understandable haha. I actually used it seeing as the story I was referring to used it alot and was curious if it would warrant a yoink, disappointing that it isn’t filtered tbh.


At first sight, it shouldn’t, but on second sight I´m like “why not?” TBH I don’t care for the teddy bear and the flower and don’t care how canon it is or if you bought it or not, but it disrupts the multiplayer for me, the feeling of spartan training. I understand the yoroi armor, cause it’s like the spartan Japanese division of unsc (that just my tough). and if we go that line we will end up with Spartan banana B-404 or Spartan baby shark
and even with that I know that someday, they´ll throw something in the store that is/is not canon, and ill buy it, cause I like it, and hell anyone who doesn’t like it

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It’s been canon since 2012.

As @Modod pointed out, I don’t see how canonization of multiplayer explicitly means playable elites are out of the picture.

It adds depth to the mode, I mean if we wanna get into the nitty gritty most if not all maps and armor permutations across the franchise have some canon behind them as well.

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Once cat ears, playing cards, and holographic mohawks were added, a canon multiplayer went out the window to me. So anything can happen. Like a giant sombrero mustache wearing Mantis named El Fuego.

I want an El Fuego now…


From what I can tell, or at least assumed ahead of launch, they’re hoping to drive a narrative for the multiplayer.

Originally, they did this because lighting was broken in Halo 4 and Halo 5 so that your Spartans didn’t mesh with the background in the shadows.

So they said “it takes place in a holographic simulation aboard the UNSC Infinity… so since everything is made up of light your character is lit up at all times.”

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its been cannon since H3 read the description for “the pit”