Why is matchmaking so one sided?

Hi all.

So, I mainly play solo these days and the want to play Halo multiplayer is slowly draining away. Why, you may ask? Because of my teammates. It’s always because of my teammates. Now, I’d like to think of myself as a relatively good player, I don’t tend to leave many matches with less than 20 kills - So why is it, that when I am playing solo, I CONSTANTLY have 3 seemingly braindead players bolted to me, dragging me down?

Take my last match for example: I was given three, yes, THREE AFK teammates, all of which who quit mid-match and left me to fend for myself against an entire team. The game before that, I’m stuck with 2 fools that can’t even push double-digit kills, but can easily push double-digit deaths.

I have to sweat my absolute heart out these days just to win because of these weights that are bolted to me, dragging me down that are unfortunately called ‘teammates’ and I’m honestly getting tired of it now. I just wanna play the game!

343, fix the damn matchmaking…


That’s a major reason why I now play more customs than matchmaking. The game’s a lot more fun when it’s not sweaty. I’m not even that good at most Halos outside CE, so rarely am I carrying, but I constantly get matched into teams with people who quit as soon as we start losing. And the enemy team always seems to be this coordinated, well oiled machine that plays in the most optimal manner. So I either get my butt kicked or sweat to try to compete. Either way, it’s not much fun.


I only play solo and I actually seem to win more matches than lose but it is very one sided. My team gains the lead and eventually it ends up as a 8 v 2 match that’s just completely unfair.

Im having that same issue with a little bit before the flood ff update.
It can’t just be me where in the last 40 games, 15 of them I lost with 10 kills on my team to the enemies 50.

Because tryhards/Closet-Generals matchmake with their friends in Social and takes the game more seriously than if it was the finals of a massive tournament.


I treat every game of Halo as if it were the HCS game 7 for the title. Games are meant to be won.

The game doesn’t have enough population for strict skill matchmaking.