Why is Locke hunting MC in Halo 2 Anniversary?

In the beginning of the game there’s a cut scene where a spartan hunter (Locke) is talking to the orbiter about hunting spartan 117, there is no in site on why he is so Ik hoping maybe someone out there knows.

It has nothing to do with Halo 2. It’s just a tease for Halo 5. All it is is the Arbiter telling Locke about the Chief’s previous adventures.

Ohh okay thank you lol

Since Halo 2 was thoroughly updated, 343i also added new cutscenes to tie into Halo 5.

Its just a bonus cutscene. It is happening during the Halo 5 time.

mmmm, im unsure this forum stil doesnt answer the question, did bungie intend to tie the stories together and show the cutscene in halo 2, like daltomania said or a bonus unrelated cutscene for marketing of halo 5 LOL i need an answer. as h5 didnt shed light on it nore did h2

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