Why is launch site a 4v4 map?

Too big for 4v4 especially with AR pistol starts cmon now….

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Yea this map feels more suited to a 6v6 gametype. Its HUGE and most of the time is spent running around empty sectors looking for enemies.


I have to agree. This map is far to big for 4v4. Maybe 6v6 would work but 8v8 may be even better. I somewhat understand it for 1 flag, but in my opinion this map is too large for what it is being used for. I would rather have seen a countdown remake. I do not like this map.

A 6v6 would be awesome on this map

Out of all the maps at launch, I hate this one the most
it really doesn’t feel like a 4v4 map, nor would it probably play well as a BTB map.

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