Why is it

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That 90% of the people on this forum are braindead morons that get so upset when player skill is brought up as an argument? Why is that 90% of the time, when they aren’t even being directly offended, they feel the need to report a player they disagree with? And why is it that 100% of the times the idiotic mods on this forum side with these mentally disabled fcktards? (especially snickerdoodle, you have freaking downs)

If you’re terrible at the game your opinion is the equivalent of a 5 year old baboons on jet engines. It’s like all the reject f.aggots from the Bnet Reach forums migrated over here because they couldn’t handle everyone calling them out on how freaking stupid they were. News flash, you’re still going to get curb stomped in Halo 4 like the thumbless turnips you are.


This thread doesn’t belong on this forum and is not very constructive. :L

Locked in 3…2…