Why is it we STILL don't have campain co-op

So not only have this game been delayed twice if not three times but campain co-op has been pushed back until August (this month) and we are coming to the end of the month and STILL no news on when it is releasing. I love the franchise but this has to be the worse launch of a Hao title game in history. As fans that pay money for in game items have the right to know about what is going on with the game development.

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With the end of august soon approaching I think it’s fair to say it’s been delayed …again.


It’s truly pathetic what 343 has done to the Halo franchise. My brother and I have co-oped Halo campaign since 2001 when CE launched and we are still waiting to play the campaign for infinite. We tried doing it solo and it was so boring and soulless.

Missing a major component for so long just feels awful. I hope major changes happen from top down with ownership of the Halo franchise.

Co-Op Campaign is set to arrive at the end of August it was said on Twitter by 343.


There is a level of programming and tweaking people seem to overlook. It’s not as easy as just “bababooey zappidoodles here’s co-op” not to mention they also did flighting, so they’re taking and retaining information given from the public to use for the further construction of the co-op system. Not to mention theirs a probability that maybe people will get to use their pvp armors. (Just speculating) it’s better than being sent an unfinished product. As the game itself is a literal representation of what happens when they drop unfinished products.

Because releasing unfinished games has become an industry norm.

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Good point lol

We also can’t ignore the fact that after halo 5 they PROMISED we would be getting spit screen co op too. They canceled it and called it a day. They didn’t even introduce anything to help make up for it. They just called it a day and walked off like nothing happen.

Takes me back to sarges famous lines;
“We’ve been tricked, we’ve been backstabbed, we’ve been quite possibly, bamboozled”


I think the roadmap is off schedule with the new leaders, it probably delayed them another 2-3 monts.

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