why is it nessesary to have a hard drive to watch your own halo flims

i try to watch a halo flim but it says i need a hard drive and i keep wondering why do i need one, and could i use a flash drive as a subsitute?


A HDD or Flash Drive is needed because there is not enough internal storage on an Xbox Arcade (not sure about the new S model Arcade’s) to store the temporary video files.

If you have a spare flash drive that is at least a gig or two you should have no problem storing your temporary video files, and those you choose to save. Keep in mind that the smaller the flash drive, the fewer videos you’ll be able to save.


i have a 8Gb free usb flash and I can`t play coop. sorry, that is ridiculous

You simply don’t have enough memory from what I read. That’s a bummer.