why is it impossible to get assassination in packs

so I know you buy the bronze packs than the silver packs then gold packs but i was doing silver packs so much got sick of it no assassinations so I went back to gold. All I have is 1 that’s it and the default 1 too.

and yea couldn’t put the s in assassinations ran out of room in the title :slight_smile:

I’ve found silvers give me a lot of assassinations. I’ve got at least 5/6/7

I´m sure i got 2 Assassinations in Silver REQ-Packs…

Yeah, I’ve only gotten one assassination ever in a req pack. I think it’s because there aren’t very many of them when compared to armor pieces and camos and all that, so the likelihood of getting an assassination is pretty low. Also, I’m pretty sure it’s a better idea to buy all Silver packs first because you’re guaranteed 2 permanent unlocks.

Go on with silvers.
That’s what i’ve been doing for some time,
and i got almost everything common to rare unlocked.

and no, it is not impossible, it’s just based on luck, so if you want something badly,
keep on grindin.

Because there are only a few? vs everything else lol. I have all of them though.

I have all but 3 asassinations from REQ packs, including Lawn Dart which is Legendary and my favorite.

I have only a few, but had the best luck with silver packs. I don’t play enough to get more than maybe 1 pack a day, minus the boosts I use at the beginning of the match. It takes forever unless you play a lot, pay for them, or are one lucky person on the draw!

I got 2 assassinations yesterday from silver packs. Welcome to RNG based unlocks (:

As you unlock permas, youll be more likely to get better stuff. Im routinely getting rares now since i have a lot of common and uncommons already.

Youll start gettting them eventually

I got Emile’s Regards and 104 Ways to Die last week. I recommend you stick to bronze packs until you finish them. You’ll get them eventually.

You have to stick with bronzes until you finish and then move on to silvers. That’s your best chance of getting assassinations faster.

I don’t have assassinations, but I have got myself a DMR. Swings and roundabouts I suppose.

i have 6 or 7 so far all from req packs. keep on keepin on and pray to rngesus

I don’t see why assassinations are permanant unlocks to begin with. Past games were better with different assassinations happening depending on the weapon or from what angle or direction you assassinated someone.

I got 2 ultra rare assassinations yesterday in gold packs, buy tons of silvers then move to gold

The same happened me but now that im getting through the silvers they are starting to pop up. My friend is having the same problem with visors and my brother with stances. Just keep playing and grinding silver and they’ll pop.

Probably because there’s only a handful of assassinations available and about a million other things.

I don’t want to do this, but I’m going to anyway.
The reason you may not be getting assassinations or any other item in the game are because one of several reasons…

  1. As in every other post about these things (which I can never express enough), the bronze method, look at the rarity of the item you want and find the coresponding REQ-pack.
  2. From there every item is weighted (programming-stuff) meaning that even if an emblem and an armor piece (example) is of the same rarity, some items has a bigger chance of unlocking before others, with that follows randomization, think of it as throwing dizes!
  3. When you reach the end of a sertain rarity the game-code looks at all the items you have left and randomize those yet again thus prioritizing those before higher tiered items.

So in conclusion; You will get them eventually, give it time!

Sorry if this sounded rude in any way…

so there are about 1200 available REQs and assassinations make up about 20 of them

so RNG says getting 1/20 in a 2/1200 REQ pack is not in your favor

i suggest you sacrifice a wii u over your xbone and ask the twitchgods to give you half life 3 to unlock the assassinations