Why is it "Halo Xbox One"?

Curious, is it just because “Halo 5” doesn’t sound as good since this is new gen? “Halo 360” would have been funny.

The teaser video they showed at E3 was just to let people know that Halo would be continuing on Xbox One and that there would be a game released in 2014 while including story-related things like cloaked Chief. It wasn’t targeting a specific game (Halo 5, spinoff, etc.).

From my understanding, it is a placeholder title. 343 made the decision for the Reclaimer Saga to be a saga, not a trilogy, so theoretically, there should be at least a Halo 7, but do they want to have such large numbers in their name? Many other successful series, one of the most popular examples being CoD changed their franchise into series such as Modern Warfare for similar reasons.

It’s for suspense and generating conversation, that or they’re just indecisive to the point that it looks like they’re lazy.

It’s Halo. It’s on Xbox One. The title is perfect.

My guess is that they’re either undecided on a title or don’t want to give out the title yet because that would gave away a hint about the game.

Its a placeholder until the real name is released.

Well it is mostly a place holder title.