Why is Halo successful?

As I read more and more comments from players I notice that there is about 2-3 types of people:

  1. they want a lot of change
  2. they want the old Halo back 100% with not changes
  3. those like me who are in between

Halo CE was a success mainly because it was the first of its kind, but what made it stay a successs was the little improvements.
I am a story driven player…I will get the game…play the campaign and beat it before I’ll even touch the other parts. Halo 1, 2, and 3 all had a great story filled with emotion and excitement and mystery. The play was driven to keep playing until its over, they never wanted to stop!

Graphics were huge improvements, along with weapons, xbox live, and even the button layout.

ODST followed ODSTs and had major changes to the gamplay itself…dual welding removed, slower pace, no shield, ect. …basically the game would have been aweful if we were still playing as Master Chief. Halo Reach didnt impress to the extent of Halo 1,2,3 either…Bungie expanded ODST and combined it with a Spartan and added items that never existed before…some worked others didnt.

I am a player who came to love Halo when it was new…Halo was what made me buy my 1st Xbox and Halo 3 was the reason I bought my 360!

If it was me, I would go to the Halo 1,2,3 games and expand those…the emotion while playing, the easy controls, and the never ending fun! With matchmaking in Halo 3 I never got bored…Halo reach I do…too many differences when it comes down to armor abilities and load outs…

Halo 4 has the potential to be a new “Halo Combat Evolved” as in it has the ability to be completely new and exciting and mysterious! I loved the button layout of Halo 3…it made things simple…Master chief could dual weld so why would that be removed? We play as a super soldier spartan…we should be faster and stronger than marines.

From what I have noticed was that gamers loved Halo 3 the most out of every game…find out why…we are playing Halo…not COD or any other FPS…I dont want to see Halo change too much…I have been with Halo from the start and I hope to stay with it proudly until the end.

Caution should be taken…Keep Halo “HALO”!!!

I dont know why I worry so much…

The developers aren’t dissappointing with Halo anniversary…they are focused on keeping it the same great game it was 10 years ago…I am impressed with that…so I suppose it should give us all hope that they will be successful with Halo 4

Halo ODST and Reach seems to be sideways compared to the core 3 Hopefully 6 games in the Halo FPS games.

We will just have to wait and see what happens

You can’t really bash ODST, it was meant to be different, you were meant to be weaker and play smarter. (But when I find myself going into Mombasa Streets on Legendary as the **hunter…**they mighta done something wrong.) But in all other aspects in being different it got it right. Mood, atmosphere, music, even had a free roam level.

For Reach, it is a matter of taste and opinion honestly, by Reach, Halo had been using the same old things and it needed something new. Halo 1 proved FPSs could be on consoles and be awesome, the following games had new features, yet small. Reach needed to largely alter gameplay.

And it did. Number wise, population wise…Reach pulled it off, the statistics show Reach gambled and did it right.

But…take away AAs, what do you have? Old Halo.

Halo 4 does need to do something on the revolutionary scale, equal to Halo 1.

(I think Bungie is off doing that, just with a new IP.)

I agree for the most part…I didnt mean to bash ODST I was meerly stating that we were weaker and such…but yes it was suppose to be like that…thats why I do like the game…with Reach I am only concerned with its changes away from the originals…I felt like they made it more like COD than I was confortable with…I want the unique qualities left in Halo that exsted in the 1st 3 games…and I want the Master Chief to be the same super human he is

I personally don’t want Halo to go in the same direction as CoD, though, which is basically recycling the same old game over and over again. Of course, I want the same Halo feel, and in my opinion Reach has that. The game itself just revolved too much around Armour Abilities though - if Armour Abilities felt more like an addition rather than being a 4th rule in the 3 rules of Halo, then they wouldn’t have been so bad. Bloom wasn’t exactly a fan’s favourite, but I’d rather have controlled spread than random spread, which is what happened in Halo 3.

When they’re showing off Halo 4 gameplay for the first time, I want the commenter to say “for the first time in a Halo game, players will be able to do such and such”. But I don’t want them to say “yeah, we got rid of this and this, but replaced it with other gameplay elements that we found much better”. Basically, I want them to ADD to the franchise, not REPLACE anything.

EXACTLY!!! haha add new things but keep the old things…that should, for the most part, make more players happy… The recoil effect didnt seem to bother me until I read someone meantion it…so that should just be improved instead of removed completely… and as I have said, armor abilities should either bee always there or never there…and equipens should be used like in Halo 3…it made things even…you had a great advantage…until you use it…then its equal again

You profess your love of the single player experience then rip on ODST, thats not how this works my friend. ODST was the first game since CE to capture the alone against impossible odds feeling of CE. Thats good.

I love being Master Chief…a very powerful supersoldier…energy shield, fast movements…you know…SPARTAN

ODSTs are soldiers…I loved ODST and Reach dont get me wrong…for what they are they are great…but when it comes to the master chief…he is a lot more…impressive than ODSTs or even spartan IIIs

this is why Halo 4 should be more like Halo CE, 2, and 3 more than ODST and Reach are…I’m not saying I didnt like any of the games…I LOVE them ALL!!!

I don’t think it’s successful for one specific reason. Rather, I think it’s been so successful because each person can find and resonate with a different part of the game/universe. It’s depth is really it’s strength (at least to me). :slight_smile:

Before i begin let me say i love all the games (including halo wars) and a few of the books. With that out of the way if you notice since the initial hype of halo 3 the population has died alot. I know alot of people feel like its getting “played out”. I dont blame them to be honest because if i wasnt such a fan of the story i would have too. In 6 years were getting 6 games. To some people the success of the first three involved their gameplay, but i believe to the general population the success of the first three involved a matter of time and entertainment. I would enjoy a good three years after halo 4 before a halo 5 is released and a good year and a half before its announced (and this is coming from a fan of the story).