Why is Halo Infinite so anti-social?

I can be top fragging on the leaderboard in BTB and invite all the decent players from BOTH teams. And I’ll get zero joins, almost always.

Even in MCC, this was a different experience. Nowadays, nothing - nada

Why is this?


The process to join others is a process and it’s not a simple click to invite from the postgame lobby.

Halo is such a social game and the process to “add friend” and “invite” should be added into the post game lobby for players.


Just about most games I play are filled with people who only seem to want to play by theirselves. They also don’t offer any tools really so a lot of it will be luck, but it’s still worth it in the long run.

I recommend looking for people on websites too to add to your friends list to play with.


Along with the tools lacking, different generation playing as well, so different kind of idea about what is considered normal and acceptable.

Infinite definitely does lack any sense of it being a community. I’ve had more post match exchanges with players in Quake Champions and that has less than 500 concurrent players according to Steamchart.

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Joining people isn’t hard. You just accept the invite when it pops up on your screen


In ranked it usually works in my experience…but its hit or miss as far as personality. Sometimes I’m like wow…no wonder this person plays alone. My ears hurt.

One reason is most people’s only motivation is completing challenges since there is no other progression system or goals to achieve. They might have got whatever challenge they were going for and now they are switching to a different playlist

Try sending them a message instead. Generally if I just get an invite/party chat with no context, Especially from someone I just played with, I assume they are going to be talking -Yoink!-.


You’d think people would accept. It’s a challenging process.

Poor social systems,

No Pre/Post game lobbies,
No Cross team chatter in lobbies,
No easy access to contact other players, let alone have those player recognize who you are. (Again, no lobby or cross team chatter)

343i doesn’t want its players to organize with other players,
It makes their stupid challenge system trivial,

Its really, really, REALLY stupid.


Challenge system and an entire season based around a game mode that you can’t play with friends.

Truth is, it’s because the lobby has never been as good as it was in Reach, and Microsoft’s API and UI is a huge part to blame for this. That, and everyone tends to use Discord these days.

Same reason 3% of players have mics.

Half the players we think are players are really actually bots pretending to be players because the population in this game is down so low.

It’s got that bad I didn’t see the point in replacing my broken Mic.

I’d notice if they were bots…

Honestly? Combination of 343 not giving us the tools to socialize + modern gaming in general being very anti-social.

The gamers of the modern age are too woke and their ears are too brittle, so if 343 introduces any sort of tool to let people socialize, the negative aspects of that will come with it. And if 343 doesn’t want to allocate resources to moderate behaviour, then the simple solution is to take out the tool for socialization. Hear no evil, hence no evil exist yea?

I swear, 343 should just put all our social features back, regardless of whatever pushback from brittle eared community. They can disconnect themselves on their end, but a vast majority much rather stay connected, so don’t take that from us.

There’s a few other things that could help as well. Matchmaking in turn has it that people play new people every match and dealing with loads of different people can lead to not tolerating people quicker. They could help aleave this by allowing teammates to stick together.

This is one area were custom game browser shines though. It doesn’t shuffle people in and out every match. You’ll also deal with regular players when people start discovering servers they enjoy playing on as time plays.

I’d like to just stay in some of the lobbies I play against in general, good connection, good match, maybe some friendly banter, then poof, lost to the wind.

I’m also pretty sure players have to go out of their way to enable voice chat.

It’s not that some of us are not Anti-Social, alot of us don’t want to deal the the BS that A-Holes say over the mic. IE: Racists Remarks, Creating Hate and Discontent, Name Calling ETC. ETC.

My friends and I won’t put up with that crap. Our solution is to turn off the mics in Halo Infinite. Now we use “TEAMSPEAK” it’s free. All of my friends now use it. So we don’t have to put up with that BS.

Some info on Teamspeak. You can run own Teamspeak Server for FREE! ( Like I do ) or you can pay for a Teamspeak Server for less than $10 a month. The Teamspeak Client is also free!

Problem Solved! :grin:

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left: