Why is Halo CE Color Customization better than Halo Infinite's

Paying for a piece of color is an accomplishment…?

Only once I’ve paid the full $1035 for all of them. Such pride. Much accomplish. Very wow.

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:sweat_smile: ye man. I feel so happy now that I have no more money to spend and im getting evicted.

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That’s the spirit!!!

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It’s just a meme. :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like there is still some improvement that 343 can make that wouldn’t take a lot of time re-creating the system but just altering the one we have. One main problem is that for your weapons,vehicles and spartan cores. They all have separated colors or shaders. Meaning you get a gold ar skin but you cant put it on the pistol. Then they can turn around and sell you the same color you own on the mark 7 armor and slap it onto the mark 5 armor for $15. It’s kinda worse than cod. It’s pretty greedy and they are more likely to make less money by having a shared color cosmetic system because people really hate this idea. Just make it where you can put the same armor on one singular character and a vehicle, weapon, and spartan shader are all universally connected with their other attachments.