Why is Halo 5 "feeling like Halo 3" a good thing?

I’m curious as to why after taking some bold design steps with the addition of load outs, armor abilities, etc, 343 opted to undo all that progress by creating an experience in Halo 5 that feels to me very much like something I already paid for in 2006. I keep hearing about how awesome it is that Halo 5 plays like a game designed 10 years ago. Why is mirroring an antique style of game play in a modern shooter considered a benefit? I was truly hoping to see a fresher, faster, more agile, and ultimately more powerful Spartan this time around. Preferably one I could customize with unique upgrades that would tailor to a personal gameplay style of each player. Instead we got a quest for “balance” and “Halo authenticity” that I feel is currently preventing the franchise from truly doing something fresh. I wonder if this is why Bungie choose to walk away. Perhaps when a franchise has gone on for so long, you sort of get locked in to a vicious cycle. Innovate and you isolate hardcore old world players. Dont innovate, and your certainly not going to attract a whole lot of new players in an environemnt packed with such a variety of pvp shooters. In the end I think making changes is a good thing. Sure you may loose some folks along the way who hate any kind of change, but I feel that fear of major innovations makes for a boring franchise long term. I suppose I am in the minority when I say this, but as a fan who has played since Halo CE I was pleased to see Halo 4 making some significant game play changes. It felt fresh and much more modern with the added customization. I could make my Spartan MY Spartan. Maybe my Spartan hates assault rifles, maybe he goes into battle with a battle rifle, why can’t that just be a thing that I decide as a player based on my play style? I don’t get why the old Unreal Tournament style map weapons has to be some kind of Halo law. Why do armor abilities which make complete sense in the context of the Halo universe, “unbalance” the game? Maybe my Spartan is a special operations specialist who uses active camo, or a air calvary unit with a jet pack? Those things made Halo 4 awesome to me! I applauded 343 for taking bold steps. Halo 5 just makes me wonder why I’m not just playing Halo 3 on MCC. Anyone out there feel the same? I’m hoping for some new directions in Halo 6.