Why is Fortnite doing so much better than Halo?

Just Ninja alone has more publicity than the entirety of Halo Infinite on Youtube, Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram. How could this happen? Both games have their multiplayer components available for free, single player modes are paid, they’re both live services, why is nobody playing Infinite at all?


The community full of people who just complain about everything doesn’t really encourage new players to join or veterans to stick around.


Fortnite had one of the most fastest growing and toxic community just like every other multiplayer game. Stop blaming veterans for the issues we don’t make. People aren’t interested because the game has no content, is buggy, doesn’t work, crashes, has rampant hacking, and 343 just ignores real issues to take a 2 month long vacation while player numbers dwindle.


I’m not blaming veteran halo players. The lack of content and toxic community members are pushing away new players and veterans alike. The game is having difficulty maintaining its player base.


Fortnite BR was built upon a game that had been in development well before Halo Reach, has low hardware impact, and works on an engine that’s fairly scaleable and easy to modify.

The success of Fortnite was purely coincidental, the Devs added a free BR mode to play off the success of BR’s like PUBG and H1Z1 to promote Fortnite (the original title) as it didn’t have much interest outside of a relatively small amount of backers.

The zero cost of entry, minimal hardware toll, steady generous content drip, recognizable art, pioneering crossplatform play, quick bug/issue fixes, impactful experimental radical inclusions (concerts, promotions, crossovers), and the overall “player first” quality of life attitude has led to Fortnite BR being a financial and popular gold mine.


kids love simple third person arcade shooters where they see their goofy characters. that and theyre obsessed with building which also changes map flow to keep things fresh. Add that to a battle royale with the support of a company llike epic games and it is a recipe for success. Its a kids dream sandbox.

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It’s just live service done correctly. At least, Battle Royale was. RIP Save the World.

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Fortnite and Halo Infinite are two different games.

They’re not even close when it comes to content. Halo would’ve been fine if it wasn’t missing 3/4 of the content that it’s supposed to have.


That has to go down as one of the most ridiculous claims I‘ve read on here! 343i claim that there were over 20 million downloads of Halo Infinite yet the dwindling decay of the player population is down to a minority of players (let’s say 0.001% for arguments sake) that post on HaloWaypoint, Reddit or other social media platforms?! Have a word with yourself!


This game supposedly had over 20 million players but it still has difficulty getting me into full games and quickly. Then there’s Fortnite which has never had issues getting me and my friends into matches except when the servers were being updated. Even if they were down for 10 minutes Epic would give us skins, emotes, vbucks, and other goods just because we weren’t able to play for a tiny amount of time.

Then there’s the fact that BTB was literally unplayable for 2 months and 343 pretended nothing was wrong the entire time until they patted their backs for fixing a gamemode which has never been that broken in Halo history lol.

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Fortnite caters to children and parents that neglect their children by not allowing them to play anything other than “cartoon games”.

Halo caters to a wide range of people but the children have been soured by Fortnite.

We need a time machine to go back in time and slap the guy who made the BR mode in Fortnite instead of just keeping the game as a cooperative PvE zombie builder experience.

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Because battlepasses are infinitely worse than loot boxes am I right? Fortnite was fun, fresh, and a breath of beautiful air after the past 2 years of broken games that featured gambling as the only systems in place to get cosmetics.

You may hate it but it revolutionized games to not get people addicted to gambling and offers a live service that doesn’t burn out developers but still allows them to make hundreds of millions a year while still pumping out new content like cosmetics, weapons, and maps.

If it weren’t for Epic then we’d still have to deal with lootboxes as the only way to customize our characters in all games and in COD’s case, it was the only way to get new weapons that were highly sought after cause they were just broken compared to the base guns.

Lmao and the slap thing, you’d have to face off against that guy in a WWE Ladder match to get to him.

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Fightin’ is what the RamboBambiBamboBingoBongoBoiyo’s are known for.


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Maybe post facto, but it wasn’t really a game designed for kids exclusively in mind when it was being developed.

Again not really kid exclusive, but I get the point you’re making. The core gameplay worked well with the game mode to set itself apart.

Epic had some clout from previous successes (UT, GoW) and were chiefly recognized for the development of the UE among 3rd party Devs, but Fortnite BR (again built off the back of a game that really didn’t see much hype the way it was) really launched them into the household name and brand they are now.

Prior to FNBR, Epic was really more of a Valve without the successful storefront. A fan favorite Dev and contributer to great gaming moments, but not really a heavyweight publisher. It’s not really chronologically accurate to suggest that Epic foresaw the success FNBR has achieved as the main goal was simply to garner interest and prospective buyers for the main Fortnite title that had lost relevance since being locked in development hell and wasn’t even on track to pay dividends since 2010.

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a 2 month long vacation while player numbers dwindle.

Hey now, you can’t expect people to do their jobs when a current event is happening

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How could I forget that they need their mandatory 2 weeks for the New Year, then Christmas requires 2 weeks, but 4 is a weird number so lets just double that mmkay?


Add another 3 feet 9 inches and 160 pounds.

It sucks being 8’2" tall dude.

Fortnite, for all its inherent flaws and disgusting microtransaction model everyone is trying to copy, does provide a steady stream of new content to its player base. Halo Infinite got one new game mode in four months and you can’t even play it anymore. One holds true to their live service model, and the other just used that as a buzz word to reel in gullible customers.

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They do get addicted. You don’t need a slot machine to get addicted to wasting your money on copious amounts of microtransactions. FOMO and overpriced skins are not some lesser evil instead of loot boxes.