Why is Forge online only?

Is there any chance that we can use Forge offline? Not happy about this being online only.

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I suggest joining the thread that covered this 12 hours prior to yours.
Gonna report this as a duplicate now.

The thread in question is titled

“Suggest catching up to Halo 3 and Reach and enabling offline forging”

FYI you can search topics prior to posting them in case you didnt know.


Is there a link. Finding anything in these Forums now days is a pain. I couldn’t find one so I posted a new one.

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I’m having trouble finding the other topic as well. A search for “offline” in the Infinite forum doesn’t do much for me. Also, it’s unlikely that most people look back more than 10 or 20 topics to find one like they’re thinking of posting.

I wish the forum allowed posting links, but my best guess is Moditor is referring to the topic titled: Forge PSA: You can be kicked from a personal Forge session for being AFK, so save regularly


No the thread name is literally quoted above in my post.

Links would make this so much more convenient for sure haha.

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I don’t mind if he makes another thread about the same subject. Multiple threads about the same subject makes it harder for 343 to ignore.

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