Why is everyone complaining about Halo Infinite?

Nearly all the top posts I see here are of someone complaining. It is getting very annoying. 343 did a job a hundred times better than last time and I appreciate it. I don’t think it is possible to change corporate attitudes but you should at least try to enjoy the gameplay even though there is a lot of monetization (I don’t like paying 20 bucks for an armour set either).


Because apparently all we care about in our games in 2021 is armor customization and watching imaginary numbers increase at a menu screen after a game. Don’t you remember that was what made halo 1-reach so great? Personally, I have such fond memories of getting together with my friends to play some Reach and watching that shiny XP bar move two pixels after a game where we spent the whole time staring in awe at one another’s beautiful armor. That was the best.


Why though?

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Progression issues (and they are issues, even if overblown), notwithstanding, complaining about stuff is a time honored tradition of the community since Halo 2.


I dunno. I’m just an old man who remembers the days when we played games to have fun, and compellingly excellent gameplay was really all that mattered.


We have launched with a similarly low number of gamemodes as Halo 5 did, with no way to choose which specific mode I want to play (especially for the challenge system), and Forge has just been pushed back further to mid-late 2022. However that in-game market is definitely up and running!

I like the core gameplay so far and don’t really have any complaints outside of minor mechanical tweaks. I’m just frustrated that the launch is still so incomplete after 6 years and progression is SUPER DUPER monetized and focused on a challenge system despite the negative feedback from the tech test. Decisions like locking coating and visor colors to specific armor cores further hinders that “player expression” that they claimed they removed the custom color selection for.


Personally its not as much about having tons of armour available to customise my Spartan (although that really sucks, I don’t feel unique at all). Most people I’ve seen have a massive issue with the fact they’re straight up trying to exploit and bleed money from people, especially people with poor spending habits.

Just feels a bit cheap the way they’ve designed everything to be paid for, currently there’s no grind in the game except for the battle pass, which is largely garbage anyways unless you spend money. I’m still enjoying the game but I also see why people think they’re not being remotely rewarded for playing and are instead just being targeted for money


The problem is the higher ups made a decision that annoyed most of the community and a lot of us feel betrayed. I feel sorry for the general designers that made the game just to have 343i higher ups choose to sabotage a well made due to greed. I have tried to enjoy the game-play but the overall game-play needs a healthy non-predatory system. It’s why I got sick of it and went back to playing MCC instead until 343i fix their mistakes. I’ll return when Infinite comes out but I’m not tolerating the irritating predatory premium pass any longer. If 343i adds in a way to actually earn armour via credits then fine but blocking content for me is where I have to draw the line. :thinking:


i am rather a honest pessimist then a blind optimist . For the Time i stick more to the mcc . i hope that Infinite wont drop to sharp in its playerbase but well… it has issiues wich is problematic to have average casual gamers stick with the game.


Excessively monetised customisation options, restrictive colour customisation with an even worse version of Destiny’s shader system (imagine if Shaders in that game, preset curated colour options, were tied exclusively to a class like Titan or Warlock or Hunter).

Armour Kits acting more akin to glorified Skins rather than what at first appeared to look more akin to an armour pack.

its…worse than what was expected, to say the least.


I talked about this in another post but ill mention it here again. Alot of the problems that we have with infinite are in my opinion due to the current state of gaming. What i mean by that is that games today are really a business and have been for some time now. The era of gaming we remember is long gone. Games back in the day were really made more for art and enjoyment whereas now they are made to make profit, hence the progression system that everyone hates. Battle passes make money, skins make money etc…
A credit system in which you earn credits (think halo reach) that can then be used to buy things in game doesnt make money compared to having everybody drop 20 dollars every season on a battle pass and then buy some cosmetics from the store. That being said i think 343 is doing a great job with the game and are trying to please the community as much as they can with the hands they are dealt. Is infinite perfect? No. Do i still feel the love and passion they have put into this game? Yes. And tbh im having alot of fun with it and thats more than i can say for alot of games out now. We just have to accept it for what it is and learn to see the brighter side.


I’ve been playing for 20 years man, I hear you. The problem is that while this game has some good aspects, it feels incomplete when compared to Reach or H3. That’s not good for your 6 year dev cycle product to be worse than a 3 year dev cycle product.


I’m personally complaining because unlocking and customization was one of my favorite aspects of the game since Halo 3. They’ve made a core game that I think is amazing. The best Halo I’ve played in a long time. I truly appreciate the work they’ve done with it, and I truly believe the complaints people have are things that 343 can fix. If I didn’t like the game I wouldn’t complain about how one of my favorite aspects isn’t what it used to be. I’d just abandon the game. Maybe that’s the wrong attitude to have, but I don’t complain about games I don’t like. I just don’t play them.


Game is currently in beta. Changes will happen soon.

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I’ve piped down because the current temporary fix for XP is adequate for me, but beforehand, I was vocalizing my complaints against the XP system because it really and truly sucked. And it still kind of does, but its way more swallowable now.

There’s so many things wrong that’s why. Some good but mostly wrong….

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Because it was a soft launch, thats called a Beta by 343 but also as the day 1 game, but also the game is dropping on the 8th.

It’s completely confusing marketing , and it seems rushed out to meet the Anniversary date. If you weren’t on here you never would have known that it was dropping until it showed up on the market place. This led some people to think this is complete, so they voiced their opinions.

It’s hard to give constructive feedback that doesn’t come across like whining.

This is the best time get our thoughts out since this is the stage where the fine-tuning trajectory is going to be adjusted the most.

The game is very close to fantastic but has some glaring issues that are holding it back from that, and 343 deserves to have the chance to address it.

Exactly and I used to trust Bungie but because of what they did with Destiny 1 it made me avoid Destiny 2 and not trust Bungie. It’s sad because Bungie gave me some good memory’s with classic Halo and always seemed to care about the fans 1st. 343i now are repeating Bungies mistakes and I don’t know what to do. I’m very invested into the Halo IP so it’s more difficult to say no to the IP while with Destiny it was easier to cut ties with the IP since I wasn’t as invested into the series. :disappointed:

I feel if 343i continues to pull stunts like this it may lead me to avoiding Halo PVP in the future and stick to campaign only and that is depressing because I love playing Halo PVP. At the moment sticking to MCC pvp till 343i make major changes and actually listens to the criticism about the premium battle pass and I can’t recommend Infinite until 343i makes these changes since I feel strongly that the current system is exploitation and I find this depressing. :disappointed:

I disliked Halo 5 and was excited to play the Infinite flight because it was refreshing but I just hope 343i’s work doesn’t go to waste due to greed. :thinking:


Game is trash, I’d rather go play Halo 4 and that’s saying something.