Why is Doubles taking 80 years to come out?

We need doubles. It’s been a Halo staple since Halo 2. It’s only right if it’s brought back permanently.

There is no reason to exclude it that I can think of. It was a weekend special before was it not?

maybe because certain playlists like Free for All or Breakout, you have to wait for 30 minutes just to find out that it can’t match you with other people? No seriously I’ve been sitting here for this long and I still haven’t got a game…

Because 343i wants to pile all the people in a few playlists so that it seems to be more people lol

But yeah I wish we got Doubles, I even made some típica about it

Probably because it had a very low population when it was around

343 released the statistics on game modes after the holidays and Doubles was dead when it was around

I found the link

This is probably why we haven’t seen Doubles since

Population, yup. It’s silly but 343 really has it’s issues with that

Personal I think it’s ridiculous. They should just add it. Valentine’s Day is around the corner too. Seriously, if it was lower population on the December playlist. Then it was probably because it was 4 people in a game rather than 8 or 10 and so many people play war zone. This is a simple numbers game. But they are loosing people because now that the championship matches are made. Teams that didn’t make finals are now playing other games because it’s hard to get in alignment with others and their schedules. I have one friend that I always played doubles with. Since day one in doubles on halo 2. That’s around 10 years on teamwork. There are tournaments for 2v2 but no way to play for fun!?!?!? (Sorry it upsets me). But, with it being a game type that drew me to halo. I need it. I want to do what I’ve been playing halo for. Valentine’s Day is now being picked up by the old creator/competitor company So 343i. Add it for me, my friend and the people that keep blowing up the forums. If you are worried about the search times thats not the playlist selections problems or the players. It’s your games intrest factor to people. Classic players want classic playlists. While newer players may not. But we have bought your games, feed your company, your families and we deserve to have something that will keep us playing. But I understand that we make you no extra money. Only people who play war zone do. So, I’m not going to be a person who says I will never play again. I just want the thing that draws me to halo. To be there when I need it. I work 9-10hrs a day, have a wonderful baby and get minimal time to play Halo ATM. But, When I do. I want it to be fun. Not to be full of me searching for friends to partner up with. I want to text my friend and just get on and rule the doubles world. So, please do us a favor and add what we love. Because we still love you. Even though it’s been really hard. ;). Thoughts?

A “staple” huh?

I’d say there are about a dozen other staples we need before doubles.