Why is customization and cosmetics always the main high light for updates?

Shouldnt the gameplay aspects be the main point? I.e. maps and game modes/playlists? Why are cosmetics always so emphasized? Its so boring. Thats not new content. We need actual gameplay content.


I hate to say it but this is an issue that goes back to Halo 3. Everyone was so amazed about the armour variations that they couldn’t stop obsessing over it (Recon being the worst culprit - I remember the amount of people littering the Bungie forums asking for Recon. Someone even made up a story that his granddad died from c a n c e r and his dying wish was for his grandson to have Recon. Would’ve been sad if it weren’t for the fact he took the first image result for “grandpa” on Google to be his proof). Bungie took the feedback and then made Reach.

Slowly and slowly the game just drifted away from being a challenge (like the number rank) to being a time sink. Once you realise that what you have is something anyone else can have, what’s the point? The only thing that separates players in this game now are those who spend actual money in the store and on battle passes and those who don’t. Doesn’t feel very fulfilling if you ask me.

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It’s a highlight alongside the gamemodes.
3 Playlists (4 once fracture ends since they said the new fracture mode will stay after) (Yes I’m counting Rumble Pit don’t even)
1 New Battlepass+Shop rotation

I agree. I really want to see an update that addresses many of the complaints about desync/netcode, stability and other QoL stuff. New cosmetics only go so far. I personally don’t want to spend more money on Infinite until I see these issues resolved.

The battlepass is the biggest thing in season 2. And its just cosmetics.

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Because that is what makes them money.
Show the kids the shiny stuff and ask them money for the cool shinies.

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Look at stuff like Call of Duty. They showcase all sorts of cosmetics because they want you to buy them.

Many AAA games aren’t made to be super fun, innovative experiences anymore. They are made to be digital storefronts that just happen to have an incomplete, drip-fed game attached for you to showcase any cosmetic purchases until the next game comes out.

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It’s what happens when we go down the free to play, live service, route. It’s going to be much easier, cheaper, and quicker, to produce new armour pieces and cosmetics, than entire levels that need to be tested and balanced.

They’ve got to make the money somehow, now there’s no traditional revenue from selling the base game.


LSS looking at this like:
:eye: :eye:

One game mode? And a couple maps? Come on. For 6 months?? The biggest aspect of season 2 was the cosmetics.


I mean it should be obvious but I will tell you by quoting the much loived Mr. Krabs

“Hello, I like Money!”


Probably because it’s faster and easier to make a handful of cosmetics and not large maps and game play changes.

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Perhaps the community should’ve made more of a ruckus about the actual issues with this game rather than spending months raising a noticeable stink about cosmetics.

More than one game mode but the biggest one was LSS.