Why is Breakout in Team Arena?

Seriously, am I the only one pissed about this? Breakout has its own playlist and shouldn’t be mixed in with regular objective type play. That makes about as much sense as putting Swat in rotation in the Slayer playlist.

Meh. I have seen regular Slayer in Team Arena, so why not Breakout too? Just my thoughts though.

Yea, Breakout is like the pickle on a cheese burger. It throws everything off.

Break out. Equal starts, controlled spawning, rush for power weapons. Why isn’t it in team arena? Dedicated symmetrical maps too.

I like it in Team Arena…

I don’t like this eiter, if breakout is in then swat should be as well. If I want to play breakout I go to the breakout playlist, just as swat.

Because they want to shove it down our throats. There needs to be a Team Objective or they need to get rid of Breakout in Team Arena asap

Yeah its kinda silly.

My thoughts exactly. Break out is one of the worst game types to date. And the maps…smh