Why Is Betraying Still Possible?

Is there any reason why?

I’m not having problems with people intentionally betraying, although it has happened.

I’m having problems where I basically spawn into a power sliding hog and die without having been able to move a foot.

Ive played about 5 games tonight and it has happened in 3 of them.

What’s the purpose of it? I’m not sure there’s any reason to have it in the first place and when you throw on top of if the fact that you’ll get kiled unintentionally by someone who’s just driving along and has no clue you’ll spawn 2 feet from them it seems to be more of a detriment to the game than anything.

I don’t know, everytime I get something like a sniper or rockets I get a bullet to the back of the head from my own team. And then that counts as a death so if I was trying for a perfect game, well -Yoink-

Because abuse would still happen.

Take CTF for example, the carrier just stands infront of a boosting ghost to easily and quickly get back to the base, while in cover as well.