Why is anyone surprised? 343 is to Halo, as Disney is to Star Wars

Yeah I sure do enjoy playing the same 3 game types for 15 hours without getting a single customization item when they were in all the other games for free. Not to mention the battle pass is not completable for a person with a job (2000 matches) and all the store items are 4x the price they would be in other games. lol don’t defend this crap.


I’m not defending the progression system, I’m pointing out that you are in incorrect in stating that “all the content is behind a paywall”. It is not. You’re either being dramatic or lying to make a point, I have little tolerance for either.

Criticize what’s actually there, it’s not hard to do as the game currently stands, don’t make crap up.

Idrc what you have tolerance for. We have NO content. No Forge, no playlists, no custom games browsers, no campaign, no firefight, no nothing except the same three game types on a couple maps. The actual content of the game is cosmetics and they’re all unattainable without dropping any money. Cosmetics are content that pushed Halo 3 and Reach to success. Or are you not old enough to remember all the amazing things the community produced to earn Recon?


force awakens was okay, the last jedi was meh, solo was forgetable, rouge one wasn’t bad, and the rise of skywalker… let’s not talk about that mess of a movie. made the phantom menace look good, somehow
si excluding the movies that showed the past… this kinda lines up with halo
halo 4 was okay, 5 was meh, and infinite so far is terrible. and i ain’t just refering to the microtransactions. the sandbox is bad too, like actually bad, really bad


You need to take a rage dump and then reread what you said the first time, what I said in reply, and what I said again to clarify. You are all over the map with what you’re complaining about here, and each time ignoring my point: you said “all the content” is locked behind a paywall, that is incorrect information, period.

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I posted this by itslef but Imma leave it here too

FIX THIS OR I AINT BUYING. myself as well as so many others are feeling let down and betrayed by the industry right now. Even Rockstar has -Yoink!- the bed. I know the world is falling apart and this is a first world issue. still, we don’t need every game company to turn into professional swindlers, experts in making it look like you can earn rewards the old fashioned way through hard work, skill and determination, until you realize something like it takes 500 hours to earn the right to play as Darth Vader in a Star Wars game, while some spoiled little brat playing on the platinum edition got his mommy to pay for it on his first day.

you guys are lucky the industry is in such bad shape right now because five years ago this would have been unacceptable.

-no co op campaign on launch
-no forge
-customization is hidden behind a pay wall
-same old multiplayer with some new, poorly balanced weapons, that are either too strong or are a pea
shooter, while discarding old classic guns, or replacing them
-no dualing weapons
-no jetpack
-no elites in multiplayer
-no battle royal mode
-no horde mode
-instead gives us a horrible btb gamemode that is basically ctf but with like 6 battery things? (clusterfuck)
-spawning in matches is bad on small maps and will put you in places you get spawnkilled
-melee is way overpowered, feels like you can kill people with it while their shield is up. up close battles are
won by whomever melees first, usually
-shields are way to weak and take way too long to recharge, fix one thing or the other to balance this
-I have already covered this but what you have done to the carbine is disgusting it use to be my most loved
weapon and now its my most hated

this is all stuff apparent to me within a couple hours playing and was super easy to list here. Hopefully 343 is actually concerned with making this a fun and successful game that has a long lifespan but if they don’t listen up and make some changes it will just be another -Yoink!- title released unfished in a blatant attempt to either rip people off or use the first people who play it as a free form of labor, not having to test the game themselves.

thankfully what you have released is playable! imagine that. it is pretty fun too when I have a decent team and I stick to the balance weapons. but don’t get it twisted, we see you. What your doing is obvious and its sadly part of a trend right now. it means you spend less time making the product fun and more time wasted calculating some way to milk more money out of people stupid enough to pay so they can be their favorite color in a game they already own. I would have way more fun playing Halo 3 or Halo Reach with full servers again



may as well add ‘no good sandbox’ to that list… honestly i don’t like the sandbox. most of the banished weapons are redundant or useless. the shock rifle does the same thing as the disruptor with less shots. the stalker rifle is pointless. the ravager is okay though very weak and almost useless. and the plasma pistol is entirely useless. also there’s no reason the spike grenade should be along side the plasma grenade, makes it redundant. also the mangler is just a leagues weaker skewer, seriously, the mangler is practically useless. also isn’t it odd that you can replenish certain weapons? like you can’t add ammo to a plasma weapon, there’s no mag nor any way to dismantle them… they explode. also how do you replenish ammo for a GRAVITY HAMMER?! the unsc weapons are okay… though the commando is useless, and the sidekick and ar are waaay too op. like i see the sidekick used as much as the br. that shouldn’t be the case for a side arm. also for a full auto weapon made between the time of CE and Reach, it’s annoyingly accurate, like unfun. also it’s redundant to have a accurate sidekick, commando, and br. they all accomplish the same thing. the forrunner weapons… i actually like. except for the sentinal beam… why does it have amo reserve? doesn’t it make more sense if it’s a continuous beam that over heats?

This is always so funny to me. The original Star Wars film was made alongside toys and Lucasfilm/Kenner collaborated to basically invent preordering. PRODUCT was always in Star Wars’ blood lmao.

Have to disagree, 343 is literally the folks most passionate about Halo, and love it to continue forward with 343 no matter what.
They respect and love the old games as we do, and they have the hardest job and quite a challenge to find out how to keep coming out with something new and innovative while paying homage to the classic 30 seconds of fun while having a new title.
Honestly Infinite takes it away and this is still beta and has a bit till release and we have a whole season and years ahead of us.
There are actual human beings with names that love this game and word hard day after day to code and build this project for us and mind you for free.
Microtransactions i think hardly makes anyone evil, they would be foolish if they did not include it in their free title.

Wrong MS controls the cash cow they’ve had halo longer than Bungie now they know what they’re doing….

nothing wrong with money being the priority if you can deliver a quality product. absolutely nobody should expect passion-driven AAA games in this stage of capitalism but companies aren’t even trying to hide their contempt for the consumer anymore.


Mh, a valid and terribly sad counterpoint, I hate it, thanks.

I approve of this comparison.

I don’t think anyone here is making this a dev issue. It’s almost exclusively a management issue when you have systemic issues. Halo has an older audience than newer or more popular franchises and I doubt they were expecting this level of monetization.

If 343s goal was to get a younger audience they need to be F2P and be a more enjoyable experience than Fortnite and Warzone. I don’t think they were remotely close to that target.

I read somewhere a very good point that halo should almost be a loss leader to get people into the Microsoft ecosystem.

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