Why is active camo "over powered"?

Why is it? I don’t really think so, I mean it’s pretty obvious when someone is using it, just watch for the hundred blue dots on your radar, and then look in the corners of the room. Or get all your buddies to whip all their grenades in that general area and watch somone get 10+ points, me and my friends do it all the time, it’s always so hilarious LOL
Otherwise just look carefully for them, they’re pretty dang easy to see. Stick em, melee them!

Anyway, so why is it so powerful? Why do people always say that on the forums? An explanation would be nice, thanks!

yea its not as over powered as people think. PV is a hard counter to it, you can see their outline. it gives away you position and I just wait for whoever is using it to come out of it then I attack. its only good on large maps were you can stay out of radar range

Camo Snipers.

That and it’s a sudden and abrupt change of the gameplay flow from moving and shooting to hide and seek and guessing where your opponent is. It’s like hitting a speed bump at 65 mph.

I’m a camo sniper, yet i try to make it fair by moving spot to spot. Don’t wanna players to think im a camper. However, OP, not really unless someone sits in one spot the entire match.

A. PV can only see the camoper’s outline in blue, and not through walls.
B. the sheer amount of dots (and their area) means it’s anyone’s guess to where the camoper is (unless the player has PV)
C. having to waste your AA spot JUST to counter active campo is stupid. (also for checking vertical position of enemies, but with Reach’s tracker we wouldn’t have that problem)
D. the fact that campo is in loadouts and not an on-map pickup (or even just in Ordnance)
E. the fact that camo leaves dots nearby is mostly useless at range (again, as people have stated before me, camo snipers)

people say its OP because no one is capable of opening their eyes! and also pv can see camo in red as normal, i used to do it to camo campers all the time. its only the wetwork’s stealth tac-pac that makes the outline blue.

Active Camo is far from over powered but it is also far from fair.

Why people Camo snipe anyway IDK. Sitting on the top of a pelicon or in your own base with a sniper is not only incredibly unskillful but boring. The reason I don’t play BTB is because of lag and AC. 60% of the lobby uses it and just camps.

Another problem I have with Active Camo is the fact that sure you may be able to spot someone (at close range) but they are likely to get the first shot on you before you spot them meaning unless they are incredibly bad (Most AC users) they are very likely to win the 1v1.

It is hard to spot an AC user from long range which ruins BTB as allot of the time you get shot and your not sure where from. Even if you do know where they are, again they have the first few shots on you.

I should not have to use Promethean Vision to spot camo campers. I would much rather use an ability which is more practical for me and that is not as cheap as Active Camo.

Also AC has a very common glitch which I seems to be seeing more often recently which is becoming a recurring rant on these forums. Sometimes AC users do not show up properly on the radar. Now that makes Camo incredibly powerful. Ever play MLG? How effective was Active Camo in that…

So yeah it is not overpowered but is a stupid ability that needs nerfing/removing. People claim to have great KD’s yet it all comes from camo camping. If you were so good you would not need to camp with camo. People that use it allot clearly are not to good. Similar to people in Reach (multi team)who did not play the objective and went 20-1 against a load of noobs hopelessly running to their deaths in search of hill time.

It shouldn’t exist as an armor ability, it’s as simple as that. It’s not exactly overpowered, it just really damages game flow and promotes camping.

jetpack and promethean vision are also OP jetpack completely ruins map flow whats the point of tactical jumping if you can fly away… also being able to fly over a 1 shot opponents cover or higher ground and kill them when you otherwise wouldnt have been able to is unfair… bout as OP as camo AA

promethian sure it has the red giveaway but guess what? they can see your every move perfectly unlike radar which still needs a little guessing and it really is lame having to use wetworks ability just to avoid the issue

and on topic… everything said about camo is really bad, camo sniping with DMR and sniper rifles, your auto aim doesnt work on them even if u see them so they have an advantage there plus they will almost always get that 1st shot in. and that -Yoink!- glitch where if they crouch with camo they dont show at all is awful. it was fair a powerup that you fought over… not spawned with

edit: regen field is annoying as well losing the fight? dont worry just run away and deploy negating the need to recharge shields so all of a sudden your shields are either back fully or partially and your opponent is most likely pretty weakened without having had a chance to even start their shield charge.

The problem with camo is not that its OPd, the problem is that in any given game its actually possible that EVERY player in the match choose to use it. And at will. Its ridiculous.

Camo should go back to be a powerup. Its something that should give ONE player or team a brief advantage. Its supposed to be a RARE occurence in a game, and something that is likely fought over.

It’s not so much that AC is OP (although it is in the right hands) but that it’s SO cheesy and slows games down to a crawl. ZZZZZZZZ…

there is a glitch that make the dots on the radar disapear

The blue dots makes it so the user KNOWS exactly where the person is coming from, while in Reach, the RED DOTS prevented this to a degree.

Also, it disables aim assist, even if its not at full camo-ness. Not to mention the fact that since the user knows your position, he can easily get the first and second shots on you before you spot them, basically causing you to lose.

The only solution is to simply NOT go towards the dots, and that sorta ruins the gameplay where the only counter to an ability is to not play.

> I’m a camo sniper, yet i try to make it fair by moving spot to spot. Don’t wanna players to think im a camper. However, OP, not really unless someone sits in one spot the entire match.

The Blue Diamond Warrior.

Camo is not OP it is game breaking. When someone has the option to sit in one spot completely invisible and has a Sniper or DMR(mini sniper) the game runs into problems. Take for example a game of Raganarok where at least 3-5 players out of the 16 will more than likely have camo and just sit back in a base sniping ppl. This is not good considering Halo is supposed to be fast paced but camo only slows it down because ppl are afraid to stick their heads out their spawns.

As for a 4v4 scenario its not as bad unless the said camo player has the stealth perk which for some “amazing” reason makes all the blue dots disappear from everyone’s radar which in turn makes him completely invisible and almost impossible to find unless he/she is careless.

So in conclusion its not that CAMO is OP rather than GAME BREAKING.

P.S. These are my opinion on camo and are in no way the representation of how EVERYON feels towards it.

It’s not such a big deal on small maps, but it’s a game-breaker on big maps. Camo campers with Sniper Rifles completely ruin BTB on maps like Ragnarok.

Old Halo style – 1 player could have camo on a map at a time fir the most part and chances are they had to work to get it
and would have a small widow of time to make it count …

New Halo style-- 16 people at a time can all be camo without having to work for it and when it runs out they can just wait a few and push the button again…

Do you see the difference between the 2
Game play and map movement have changed a ton because of this terrible idea

Seems to me it promotes camping all the more, because you can’t move fast with the dang thing.
And what’s wrong with a camo sniper? Snipers’ support their team, and that means they stay alive to do it.(I’m not a sniper)
Make it a short duration, like 10 seconds. Long enough for me to hide from the flag camper rounds, then assassinate him when he turns. Let me walk normally with it, but sprint flickers and breaks it(that would be harmful).

How to fix Active Camo, and all other AAs.

> I’m a camo sniper, yet i try to make it fair by moving spot to spot. Don’t wanna players to think im a camper. However, OP, not really unless someone sits in one spot the entire match.

I hate Campo-snipers. By the sound of it you use it in a better way then most. I just wish more people used it the way you did. Of course i would still prefer it was a map pick up rather then an Armour Ability.