Why is 343i still silent? There has been no news for over a week. Are they on holiday?

I know that a good rest is the only way to be energetic for work. Hopefully, players will get an eye-popping update in the near future.

The gossip was worrying. Even though I know he’s a serial liar. The false news is still depressing the community.If there is any new official news at this time. For example, about forge and the new plot, I think everyone will be excited.

Lmao, they’ve been on holiday since infinite released. nothing at all, and if they do speak about details, it’s vary very minuscule.


If we really look at how bad things are, what could they really say other them make a fluff twab for the new unsuspecting players?

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Career combat record
better matchmaking
Slayer ranked

And I’m sorry but when i shoot and melee a guy and kill him he shouldn’t be able to melee me as well…a tie in this situation would be more rare and thus is BS.

How were all other Halo titles more functionable with more content?