Why is 343 so incompetent at the most basic stuff?

i mean even before infinite, halo 5 had awful ui stuff that made it take like 5 minutes for the req packs and spartan pose to load, mcc with the servers and their weird obsession with tryna ruin halos style

but now infinite is around and it still aint much better
-the ui still sucks and takes forever to load, even the store sometimes just doesnt load right and you have to restart the game for it to work right

-their btb hotfix somehow didnt do a thing

-jorges shoulder texture still aint fixed

-their website log in just doesnt work sometimes on some browsers

-theatre somehow crashed the whole game for me when tryna fast forward

-armor core/coating restrictions, which probably only encourages people not to spend money on the store

and even though i havent had these kinda issues, apperantly some people had challenges not progress or end match results work right

it just confuses the hell outta me a company this big sucks at stuff that seems so basic


The store was supposed to change each day this week. Nope. Still the sqme. Still can’t buy individual items. Don’t even start me on BTB…



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I’m just bumping my topic calling him out until he unlocks my topic, I’ve had enough of this -deluxe yoink- 4 topics, 3 were removed “temp” for possible auto detected spam, and the other was locked by snickerdoodle, no honestly, I’ve had enough of this -deluxe yoink-

No follow up or explication. Unacceptable


Also, is the halo community like 5? You can’t use curse words on here still? Jesus lol


Dont know but they need to hand halo over to a different developer.


It’s pathetic. BTB has been broken for almost 2 MONTHS.

Get it together guys. For a live service game, the service is incredibly poor.


It’s 343, every game they make gets worse and worse, it was just a matter of time before this dev reached critical mass and collapsed inward.


“…they’re gonna continue to circle jerk to kingdom come.” That made me laugh, ngl


Not important enough to address just yet.

Can’t say, but it’s a first time hearing this issue so might be a you problem. Try putting in a support ticket.

That’s in the works.

Not really sure what this issue is, probably a you thing more then anything.

Haven’t tried it yet, so cannot speak. Haven’t seen a ton of threads yet, but looking into it. Send a support ticket perhaps.

Will admit, they really over complicated this websites forums a bit too much for my taste. Would be happier if it was just a typical set up forums and not all this. It’s rather annoying set up IMO.


Learn proper grammar and might take you seriously.

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Dude, it’s all over Twitter both from Sk7tch and users, BTB is still broken and the “hotfix” has now borked other modes like Fiesta.


“I dont like your grammar, i win”
Okay lmao

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Found the 343 bootlicker
like i aint even gonna bother goin into this post when the first defense is literally “not important” a texture fix takes like 5 minutes of work dude
also what are you a 343 support bot or something? like makin support tickets is gonna do anything


Didnt say I won, this forum isnt about winning its about discussion. There is a fine line between criticism and just emotional whining. Maybe if you knew proper grammar and typed like a reasonable human being we would take you seriously. But reading those first few lines really makes me imagine you as a spoiled child.


“We” its just you you weirdo lmao
Sorry my of typin makes you upset, aint my problem though


I think the part time trainee that crunched out Infinite in two months deserves some damn respect from this unthankful bunch here.


See? My point proven. Still using childish grammar because you think it looks cool, continuing to make edgy teen insults because someone disagrees with you.

This is what happens when you push a half-backed game out the door. It’s funny how the shop seems to work perfectly vs everything else in the game. Can’t have that messed up now, can we?


Nah on my end even that thing doesnt work sometimes. Probably cause 343s ui has always been really bad


-said by a guy cryin about the way some dude on a halo forum types