Why is 343 selling us a single weapon skin for half the price of a full kit?

343 really need to get their act together when it comes to these inconsistent prices.

Last week we got a solid bundle of nice looking weapon skins for 600cr. This included every customizable weapon (even hydra) and was honestly one of the first decent looking thing on the store to me.

But now 343 in all their wisdom has given us a SINGLE weapon skin for half the price! Why? Who thought that was a smart idea? The skin doesn’t even look better :rofl:

I can’t with the complete buffoons handling the store sometimes. They are needlessly shooting themselves in the foot for no reason. We need better more consistent prices.


seriously! it’s like whenever they add something to the store, they spin a wheel of prices to see what to set them as. just coincidentally it landed on such a price

Because people will buy it.

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Because the playerbase asked for the ability to purchase individual items plainly and generally.

Remember 343 is doing constant market testing with the store prices right now. It isn’t surprising to see what appears to be inconsistent pricing. The only way to cast your vote for what you think is an acceptable price is to buy something when you think it is an acceptable price.

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Going off your title.

They do stupid things like this because they know there are players that will buy it. Not me though, 99.99% of the cosmetic items in the shop are garbage. Then when you look at armor effects like the flames? I can’t help but laugh because how freaking stupid it looks.

How does some of this crap even get approved?

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“343 really needs to get their act together” accurately describes their handling of this game (and the franchise) since its very conception, but I digress:


They need to keep those juicy free multiplayer servers up, don’t you know? They can’t develop a game for 6 years and spend 500m to NOT have you buy cosmetics, you know.
They can’t be like Fromsoft who just released a $60 game with more content than the entire campaign of infinite and it’s multiplayer in one region of the map in ER.
I chalk it down to cultural workplace differences; Japanese execs care about the product, american execs care about investors and profit maxxing.
Frick 'em.

Yeah, but I guarantee you that the # of people who buy at this price instead of 100 or 200 credits will be so low by comparison that they’d earn more money by charging 100 or 200 credits.

Tell em to go play fortnite