Why is 343 screwing over dedicated players?

Somehow the MCC folks seem to survive with rotating stuff in the exchange for months and even some previously locked skins that were tied to difficult challenges.
BIG WHOOP. :facepunch:


In my situation I’m now faced with the possibility of a lot of the winter update weeks having nothing to work towards outside occasional events (there’s the 30 tier pass but I doubt that’ll last long). This means I lose having something to do consistently each week unlike like in previous seasons and that makes the slow delivery of content all the more painful to me. Not exactly surprising someone wouldn’t feel great about going from a new cosmetic each week to a few or none depending on what 343 decide.

I’ve got nothing against the implementation of repeats whether they be weekly cosmetics or events but it just comes at a cost I don’t find ideal in infinites current state. If we had a main progression system this wouldn’t be an issue and there would be reasons to keep doing challenges regardless of the weekly but that just isn’t the case right now.

That’s all I’m going to say. Maybe we’ll get more clarification on it later and it won’t be as bad but either way we’re stuck with it. I just don’t like the idea of losing one of the few consistent things to do in Infinite when there are other ways to allow for older cosmetics to be obtained etc. :wave:

I wish I wasn’t. The Viking in my is very strong.

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I was telling people this for like 6 months too. “Just play because it’s fun!”

But then the servers seem to have just gotten worse and worse, and it’s tough to just play for fun like half the time

Eh, I kinda thought it was a good idea. It is unreasonable to expect everyone (or even any significant portion) to have gotten all the unlocks.

I’m not saying there isn’t a better system though, but UI limitations and all. It’s either new unlocks or repeats. Considering this is kinda season 2.5/(heroes of re-Reach) it makes sense to bring back the good ones from season 1.

Go play something else maybe?


Personally I am fine with it. I wish though that if during those rerun weeks you already had the reward you got a different reward you missed. I am only missing 2 smaller ones and would love the opportunity to get them just to have but it wouldn’t be a huge deal to me. Assuming it is 4 months of reruns though then that is pretty yikes for players who have been on every week that won’t have rewards for 4 months but once again it will be nice for those that miss stuff. A week is a short period of time people can easily get swamped and miss something they want.

It also raises the question of if you believe the reason they did it is they care or they had nothing to fill for the extended month so they decided on reruns. I kinda wished they would invest into a longer term system for rerun rewards that players can work towards instead of clogging a system that keeps people interested. Reruns in a game that is supposed to have advancing seasons of content seems a bit weird this early in its life but the game is on a pretty off course.


Or a handful of credits.

I ultimately don’t care especially if they’re doing the ‘more popular’ ones that more people have.

I just hope that I’m still motivated to play during those weeks.

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If it makes you feel a little better, they’ve confirmed already that the 30 tier pass is going to be a permanent pass that never expires.

You guys SCREAM CONSTANTLY about FOMO and when 343 gives you other opportunities to unlock stuff you all cry?
I hate this community sometimes


I know I might get flamed for this, but I’m happy 343’s giving us another chance to unlock old Weekly Ultimate Rewards! I see this as them sticking to their initial prelaunch promise of Infinite not having too much FOMO.


I’m glad some are returning for people who still need the “popular” ones.

I’d rather see those return than oh look different shade of green a.i.

I love it when there are Ult rewards that I don’t care about because then there’s no FOMO and I’ll just play any mode for the fun of it.

That said I’m glad these silly weekly challenges are being adjusted.

But oy, the entitlement in asking why 343 is “screwing over dedicated players”.

They also need new and returning players. Hopefully you realize that one day.


I made a post earlier if the game had changed in the past 5 and a half months since i stopped playing.

Unfortunately it got locked but thanks to you i have my answer.

Your complaint is just a drop in the bucket for 343 screwing over dedicated players.

ON the bright side, this give forgers more time to work on their creations without feeling like they need to pause to chase an ult they may like.

That better way is MCC. Just vault the items and award players a token that they can spend on the prize pool.

For sure, but we’re stuck with the system we have. You know, UI limitations. Judging by how long it has taken for match XP it would be another year from the time 343 decided to do something like this.

Might have to start using UI limitations as my excuse for any of my problems in real life.

“Sir, do you know how fast you were going?”
“Sorry, UI limitations.”


Listen, I understand that having an exclusive is nice, but the challenge system up to now has been a massive pain. It sucks that every time there was an ultimate reward I wanted, I’d have to spend so long grinding away in gamemodes I didn’t pick. This update is gonna bring back the good old ones for those who didn’t have the time to waste and want a second shot. Is that really so bad?

Another thing is that I’ve gotten nearly every weekly ultimate reward since I first got a PC in March- couldn’t run the game before. But with this update, now I’ll get a chance to get old stuff I missed since I wasn’t playing the game yet that I really wanted, such as Willow Tea.

I get that it might be annoying to have something you worked hard for be available again for new players, but ask yourself this- do you really like the rewards your earned if you stop liking them the second other people are given a second chance to and they’re no longer exclusive to the one week they used to be available? Personally, I’m glad that other people like my friend who just started playing are gonna have another shot at earning the cool stuff that I love a lot, like Blue Mojo or Kaolin Strand.

As for the new stuff- sure, the capstones aren’t new, but we’re getting two events, rotating playlists and a mini battle pass to hold us over, not to mention forge. Forge alone can provide you with plenty of new content till S3.


You guys complain about FOMO all the time, about the fact that if you miss a single week you don’t get the item. And when 343 addresses the problem you complain that is unfair?
You guys need to chill and remember this is just a game and that the people working on it are the real people.

Plus, check your priorities