Why is 343 screwing over dedicated players?

So it was just announced the next 4 months of weekly rewards will be repeats from previous seasons. This does come with the benefit of allowing players who missed out to get it again with an easier challenge system but it also means more dedicated players will get ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for the next 4 months.

I get there are some people who may be happy about this but there are much better ways of bringing back older stuff instead of using it as an excuse to be lazy. Is there really no compromise that 343 could have found? Should we really be getting nothing for that long?

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So it was just announced the next 4 months of weekly rewards will be repeats from previous seasons.


The latest blog post on waypoint.


This blog post is currently the latest at my time of posting, and nowhere does it say weekly ultimates for the Winter Update are all repeats.


Just above the career progression header.

“As we’re looking to address a lot of the community feedback we’ve received around Challenges and we’re shifting the philosophy, the Winter Update’s Ultimate Rewards will feature the most popular Ultimate Rewards from Seasons 1 and 2 to help players get another chance to earn them in case they missed them last time.”

I’ve always said it’s not about the unlocks.

I guess I’m about to find out.

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At least we get a break from the panicked FOMO threads.


I just read the changes and I think it’s going to be good.


The wording “will feature” does not necessarily mean exclusive repeats, but we shall see in the months to come.


Wonder if this means Enigma’s Bundle might finally come back

On the flip side though, they had a lot of repeats for Season 2. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a shortage of new stuff for this mini season anyway…

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Really hope so but we’ve gotten no word on any store changes yet.

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We just got a thread saying “HEY WHY ISN’T THERE NEW CONTENT ON EVERYTHING” so. You know. Halo fans.


I believe you are bending their words. They said that popular ones will return, but did not say that it will only be repeats. My guess is about a 50/50 split of repeats and new ones.
And even if it is all repeats, we also get the new BP, the events, and Forge. I don’t think you’ll be running out of things to do. And even if you happen to, feel free to take a break or try the supposed remixed playlists.

This has been 343’s problem since Halo Infinite went into development. Everything is halfway thought out and halfway executed.

Yes. Items returning as weekly (sometimes monthly) rewards is normal in video games. Ult rewards being rotating back in was only a matter of time. This isn’t about “screwing dedicated players.”

Enjoy the break from doing 21 challenges a week for underwhelming rewards. It’ll be good for you.


I hope so but it seems unlikely based off their wording/no clarification.

The issue is there just isn’t much in terms of progression in Infinite to begin with and weekly rewards were the most consistent and long lasting giving you motivation to play and have things to work towards.
Removing that for some players and giving us the shortest battle pass yet is just going to make these months feel more barren than what we’ve already put up with.

I’m sure stuff like forge will be great and it is nice to be able to take a break but It’s a lot longer than you think without anything to work towards.

I feel like a lot of people just ignore that and argue in favour of it because the situation suits them but there could be a better way of players getting access to older cosmetics without sacrificing new ones and continued progression for dedicated players. One side doesn’t have to have it bad.

You’re doing the same thing. Anyone’s who’s played other games with weekly rewards knows that rotating items in is standard. Compared to most MMO’s and live service games, Infinite has not had a repeat item for almost a year. Which is a very long time.

It takes 343i a very long time to make you another identical grey chest piece, or yellow visor, or the color red to put in the weekly reward pool. Let them rest.

You have been getting new gear for almost a whole year with nothing being repeated. Now that you have to wait a few months it’s “one side is getting it bad.” Common G. You’ve been eating well. Let the peasants have a scrap or two.


I don’t expect weekly items to be a one-and-done. Most other games try to rotate the weekly items back into circulation at some point, just like store items. But Seasons 1 and 2 set a precedent of always having new items so 343 shot themselves in the foot in that regard. Always having new weekly rewards was too ambitious.

The winter update is definitely isn’t the big revival people are hoping for. It is a chance for 343 to buy themselves time to get caught up with what isn’t out yet and to get some work done ahead of season 3. Season 2 felt like they finished it last minute. So again, it makes sense to re-use weekly items. 343 should rotate old events back into the game too, in lieu of no fracture events and only seasonal.


You are just ready to throw hands on every thread aren’t ya? :laughing:


Oh, gods I hope the Red/Green coating is in with them