Why Infinite is Dead:

Halo Infinite is dieing and crawling ever closer to its crave. You know how I onow that? 343i sure did drop a bunch of bombs on us fans today, but the biggest one that REALLY hurt was…

Nope, not Season 2 delay until March
Nope, not the cancelation of once of Halo’s most iconic features (splitscreen)
Nope, not being constantly let down by 343

Can ya guess?

Its how 343, after 14 years, still doesnt understand Halo. When in the update video, Shawn said, “Halo at its core, is competitive” I lost all hope. Just like when the last time any of us heard a peep from Bonnie Ross she raged on on how Halo would appeal to the Broader Aundience. Well… now they’ve lost the broader audience and fans abd are losing more by the day.

I remeber when I was 5, I was invited to a men’s outing my church was hosting. All the men, and me, went into this apartment complex. When I entered the room, it was lined with projectors and xbox’s on three of the 4 walls. The 4th wall was a large table that was stacked with pizza, pop, chips, etc. Every single xbox had Halo 2 in the disc tray and it was one of the greatest memories of my life. Halo, at its core, isnt competitive. Isn’t ball-sweaty. Isn’t Esports.

Halo at its identity is a community-drive game.

And all of 343i’s games lack these drivers. MCC has more social features then infinite (Squad, All chats) but we still dont have pre post game lobbies? We, the community, cant vote for the map me want?

Man, I love Halo, but today. I hurt.


I think they took the ‘halo 4 needs equal starts’ complaints way too hard. Equal starts is important, but not just because of competitive.


I think Halo Infinite is like Halo 4 all over again, it feels more like a spinoff from Halo 1-3, an experimental game. They really should have released
the game as an early access version. I wonder what really happened with the live service, what was it supposed to be?
New maps every month?
New game modes?
When they had 1 million players they had the chance to make it a live service game.
Why didnt 343 release new maps and content when it was big enough?


So true. I also think the uptick in cheating is causing some to turn away. We need to fight back against cheaters in small ways to keep the game alive. Because when servers become infested with hackers/cheaters, it turns off a lot of loyal players and makes them look elsewhere.

Lets fight back these hackers and get their HOSTS to shut them DOWN. These people are breaking multiple federal laws including using false information to create online accounts. In the comments include ALL known websites selling HACKS. We need to file complaints in BULK!!!

One of the most prolific Halo Infinite hackers/cheaters:



Below is the reporting website for the name host.


You need to submit to Abuse Reports department.


I suppose there is a flimsy argument Halo was competitive at its core, but it feels completely different cheering every time you kill a friend sitting next to you on a map/mode of your choosing compared to the muted lobbies for the 10th time you played the same map/mode against strangers. I loved trash talking the other team in Halo 3 during a game, or at least after if in ranked. Sure it could be toxic, but that is what the mute button is for.

Reach might have been a casual game, but it offered something for everyone. Sure the competitive scene was butchered, but it still had Forge, campaign co-op, Firefight/Arcadefight, theater, and plenty of maps/modes at launch. The thought of playing Infinite after a year’s worth of content fills me with dread.


The content being added to Infinite is a literal joke compared to what even Halo 2 offered at launch.

I think halo was competitive in the same way playing soccer, basketball, or hockey with your friends is competitive.

Yes, you’re trying to win, and having some sort of even playing field is important, but you’re also trying to just have fun. Yes there exists professional leagues for those particularly good at the game, but its not a sweat fest. Whether you win or lose ultimately doesn’t matter, you all laugh, have fun, and play again next time.


Excellent reply!

There will always be those who take the competition to another level. But for the vast majority, games are for enjoyment. A memorable moment will keep them coming back for more. Whether that is by winning in a super competitive environment or playing some Fat Kid.

I believe for most the super competitive moment is unachievable nor desirable. The adrenaline can be overstimulating. They lack the time or effort to master the game. They simply want to have some fun with a community.

The Esports community has gotten a lot of the pie because it is an advertisement that is cheaper and easier to do. Less creative original work involved.


I mean there’s also NO Reporting system. No AFK drop. I literally recorded a guy in a match sit there afk for almost 2 whole rounds and never got booted. I really don’t understand how this game shipped this hot with this little features. Love the campaign, but multiplayer really needs far more love than its received.

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There’s a lot of corporate science at play.
My theory is that they deliberately launched it with a controversial and stripped experience, so that they can be one of those modern age “launch catastrophes” and turn it around with a 5-year plan and be the heroes. “Spacey-wacey, time-wimey stuff…” as The Doctor puts it. Basically, ever since it came out, in 2021, I looked at it as “it’s not really coming out, until about 2025…” and stayed away from it, until they actually included co-op, warzone, spartan ops and/ or firefight. I can’t just keep logging in to shoot other people in the face–it loses its luster after about 30 minutes. But? I could play me some Warzone. If they really thought that was enough? Well, then they’re stuck in 2002. Team Deathmatch/ Slayer/ PVP stuff no longer has the appeal it did back in the late 90s and earlier 2000s. People want co-op modes, raids etc. Exactly the sort of thing Spartan Ops and Warzone were, starting way back in 2012.

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…but most of all I lost my Halo mojo, when they refused to pick the story up from Halo 5. We ended with Chief meeting Halsey for the first time in probably a decade and…nothing. Suddenly none of these characters existed. What this proved to me was Microsoft and 343 can’t stay committed to something they started, good or bad. They just do the “Windows Vista” or “Windows ME” treatment to it and pretend it didn’t happen.


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I actually think the gameplay is pretty polished, it’s the matchmaking and community management that have issues. Stuff Halo 2 had right, like game lobbies in public space.

They seem concerned over policing content, hence the lack of ability to communicate outside of parties, but if they allow the players to select the level of engagement they want with the public, they will increase the collective calm because conflicting players types will interact with each other less.

Some people will want their experience policed, others won’t. Let your players play in the community they want to. Start with a binary choice question and funnel then into community types from there with additional questions.

Perhaps they need to do some in person qualitative research with their player base. In fact, if the powers that be are reading this, I can facilitate that, get a hold of me. I can take care of it.

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The only thing polished about this game, was the marketing leading up to the release.

I agree with your other points though.

It feels like I rather go back to play Halo 3 atm

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