Why in halo Infinite do i have to pay for colors...wtf

I just want to customize my spartan but i have to pay for the frigging color black?!
343 i will never buy anything if its overpriced £8 for a frigging COLOR what drugs are you on?
gears 5 tried something like this and look what happened to them boycotts,refunds and so much more hate from its community. BE BETTER 343 MAKE BETTER 343.

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[As I can’t edit posts, this is the edited one from the deleted one above. Why this restriction exists I’ve no idea.] It would be hilarious if this was the first game to do it, and if there wasn’t a buying market. Unfortunately, “boycotts, refunds and so much more hate from its community” doesn’t do enough any more. It barely does enough in the first place.

I don’t disagree with you, this is a shocking practice, or it would be if I had the capacity to be shocked any more. It’s just plain miserable, but there’s enough people paying for this kind of thing to justify it.