Why I'm excited for Champions

Can’t we all agree that 343i has listened to our pleas? Here’s a lot of things they gave us that we asked for…

  1. Remake of the Pit, I can remember seeing that asked for a lot, and I’m sure people hoped secretly as well.

  2. More interesting maps, they have added an interesting looking dynamic map as people have said the map designs are dull

  3. More armor with old style. Look at the 4 armors being included, all feature old-style halo themes, most notably with the visors, besides the promethean one, but even that reminds me of old halo.

  4. Ricochet, BOOM ASSAULT. Sure, it’s a little, different, but they are breathing life into an old gametype.

Opinions? I think 343i is learnin :slight_smile:

They are learning, but the perks coming with it make me hesitate.
I realize I don’t have to use them, but they seem…odd.
Loving the steampunk skins, especially for the LR.

I think for $10US/800MSP we are getting an AMAZING deal.

Normally map packs are the same price. sure you get one extra map, but NOTHING else.

So with Champion you get two maps, but a CRAPTON of other stuff. A whole slew of weapons skins, several armor sets, 2 of which have been most requested.

A new gametype with an associated armor.

More stances to view your Spartan in pre-gamer lobbies.

Really, why ANYONE would complain about this is beyond me. $10 is CHEAP! This coming from someone who’s been unemployed for a long stretch.

If you think you’re not getting value out of it then don’t buy it. Honestly though, I think those not getting it for that reason ARE cheap themselves.

This deal is HELLA good!