Why I'm done with this forum

I think I have articulated to 343 why I think Halo 4 isn’t working for me. My top priorities being, more variety in choices (more gametypes and more playlists) and a more balanced gameplay that fixes PO and custom loadouts, rather than just adding a classic playlist (although I would totally play a classic playlist as well). So this will be my final plea because if I stay any longer I feel like it will be a waste of everyone’s time and I don’t want to patrol these forums continuously barking my opinions at others, cause that’s just plain annoying.


Make a balanced slayer playlist or gametype within the current infinity slayer playlist, that is less random and has more consistent starts, forcing map movement, and resurrecting the arena style of gameplay, but not necessarily removing ordnance and loudouts. Varied preset, no AA loadouts, with AA in PO, and weapons on the map, would be my optimal solution. A truely classic slayer wouldn’t hurt either, but I’m not a hardliner. My biggest personal problem is PO being so random and unbalanced, and since I usually play with my brother, he dislikes that custom loadouts discourage map movement and basically can start you with a nerfed sniper rifle and a shotgun that requires charging. The DMR and Boltshot aren’t OP for the game, just as starting weapons.

Bring back multi-team and to a lesser extent action sack. Even a combined playlist of the two would be a fantastic improvement. multi- team has always been my playlist so it’s hard to cope currently with 4 and I often play reach for multi-team.

Bring back as many custom games as possible. I like a variety of gametypes, but there is a whole community that is dedicated to custom games that has been snubbed even harder by this than I. My top three are race, headhunter, and VIP, but I would like to see all of them return so the custom community can flourish, and my MM experience can be more varied than KOTH and oddball.

Bring back symmetrical and neutral gametypes. 1 flag was always my favorite objective gametype and now it’s not even an option in custom games let alone MM. On that same note please at leat make the option of removing your new CTF settings, such as the flagnum and nodrop.

For BTB, give them some objectives and find a way to replace secondaries and grenades in custom loadouts with a magnum and frags, or otherwise make it enjoyable to use vehicles again.

Making maybe 3/5ths of these changes will keep me coming back to Halo 4 until the next title is released. i’m not saying you have to make them, i’m just saying it would help the longevity of your game for me and i’m sure for many others. A response would be great 343i, if not in this thread in a bulletin, just at least about one of these concerns(custom community FTW), so we know you’re listening.

If I comment in these forums again other than in this thread, please call me out on it, I don’t want to become a troll. Cya everyone, keep fighting the good fight. Let’s make halo a game we can all enjoy! PEACE! …unless I get responding in which case I will return the favor on this thread alone…

Kudos for sharing your opinions in an orderly and sane manner.

I think you make excellent points, and I would like to see 343 address them in the next TU (which they said will focus on weapons balancing).

But to me these are all “nice to haves” and will not stop me from playing on a daily basis. Here’s hoping the next TU (already stated will be weapons balanced) and future playlists will bring you back to the club.

At least you are trying not to be a troll…

Less random slayer is a must.

Multi-team must be good. People keep asking for it.

I love BTB, objective BTB in Reach was so fun with that miraculous falcon.

I am content with the game as it is, other than there needs to be some nerfing with grenades.


I honestly think of this game a huge learning experience for 343.Halo 4’s online section feels like COD,fast,frantic and extremely disorganized. I’ve noticed that a lot of excellent franchises have watered down amazing games because they wish to please the casual community.The Halo community is very sensitive when it comes to what is added,taken and updated in the games.

Examples of this are :

[The Elder Scrolls - Skyrim] Overly simplified mechanics,controls,puzzles,loot…etc…

[Gears of War] - The new GOW : Judgement’s director has already stated “We want the COD fanbase”…need i say more?

[Mass Effect] - In ME1 you had a conversation wheel option for every dialogue piece,after the first game your character pretty much talks by himself/herself and you simply watch as if it was a cinematic with basic interactions.

> I am content with the game as it is, other than there needs to be some nerfing with grenades.

I understand that many are content, but this if is the first time I have been put off enough by a Halo game to seek an avenue to voice my concerns.

The bottom line for me I guess is, would any of the things I suggested keep you from playing the game if they were implemented?