Why I'll NEVER play Halo Again

Great job 343!!

You’ve taken my favorite character , and killed her, in an atempt at glory.

without Cortana… there is no Halo.

I’ve taken every Halo game I own, and sold it back to gamestop.

thank you for ruining a perfect thing and breaking my heart.

I will check every game I buy for 343… and NOT buy it.

I WAS a HUGE Halo fan.

now I’m just angry and sad.


Cool story bro.

She’s not dead.

Gamers: more unappreciative of story telling than any other group on the planet.

This guys gunna feel pretty embarrassed when she comes back in Halo 5.

sorry that I say this, but you are over-reacting a bit :blush:

another one gone, and another one gone, and another one bites the dust

Nice spoilers for those who haven´t played campaign yet

> She’s not dead.

You really think she’s “dead”? Wow.

> She’s not dead.

This… a copy of her is hidden (or more than one) down on the planet. Did you miss “Most of me is down there. I only kept enough back to get you off the ship.” right at the end?

What’s the betting that Halo 5 is going to be “Put Cortana Back Together - 50msp”.

now wait a second, grab yourself a paper bag and a few quick panicked breaths and let the oxygen high take you. now that your calm, remember that this is a work of fiction and in that case anything can happen. being compiled from joint forerunner/human tech, she is unique to other smart ai’s, and part of her is still in the mantle’s mainframe(well the wreckage anyways). with that all in mind, she may be able to find a way to survive her rampancy or even transcend it. while she might not make it back in 5, if they intend to bring her back they will hint in 5 of her return in 6. still got 2 more halos to go before we know for sure whether or not she’s really gone.

I hope you’re right.

The only way i’ll play another Halo , is if Cortana is back

Peace man.

That’s a ton of anger you got there OP. Over a fictional character that isn’t even human in the Halo verse. You can easily argue that Chiefs attachment to what is essentially an object/machine is a bit odd despite what she/it has done for him.

Cool story is cool?

Through a strain of impossible events, she survived. She is still alive supposedly. I wish she was dead, because I hate the “miraculous survival” cliche

that sux tho, that u took ur whole halo collection back 2 gamestop. i almost killed the guy who STOLE mine (halo goty, halo 2 se, halo 3 se, halo wars se, ODST se, and the controller it came with). really miss all the collector tins and their really hard to find and replace now. but to get rid of it all by choice? never.

back on topic tho, u shouldnt let the twists and turns of fictional plots ruin the experience for u. they almost did this same thing in halo 2 going into 3, and chief got her back then. besides chief always keeps a promise to the ladies, duh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Breaking news. She was never alive. Cortana is a computer program.

No one cares.

> Breaking news. She was never alive. Cortana is a computer program.

Cortana evolved…

There’s more to ‘computer programs’ to Cortana. She’s passed her original life spam, she is afraid, wants to live and I’m pretty sure that’s a humanoid response. The thing is about AI is it’s based on how humans were created, we later evolved into something more complicated.