Why I think this game is aweful

First off, I was a huge fan of the first three Halo games. But these last two have huge flaws to them that no one wants to admit.

Randomness: The only factor in the game that is currently not random is the loadout that YOU choose. It does not keep everyone on the same playing field. Combine that along with the fact that the DMR is, without a doubt, the superior weapon, is almost game breaking. The gun overpowers just about anything else. Now give that person a host advantage and they are instantly better than everyone else in the game. You cannot have hitscan in place, without dedicated servers. Listen to the people that buy the game, keep it simple and provide a good consistent connection.

Ordinances: This was a great idea implemented in a horrible way. Why would these be random in the slightest? I don’t want to see my teammates earning a damage boost while I’m stuck getting grenades every time. You should be earning higher tier weapons, with the more ordinances you earn. Don’t just make that a custom game option, put it into every playlist. Keep the game fair for everyone, stop letting people get lucky.

Camo: This might be the worst thing in the game yet. Why are you providing a way for people to ruin map movement even more? Isn’t making maps with hundreds of corners enough? On top of ruining map movement, you can’t see the person using it at ALL. How did you not learn that from Reach? Just because you add more onto the radar when it appears doesn’t mean it’s balanced. And incase you haven’t noticed, in the past this was a power up, like the overshield, and now made into an ability everyone has. What is the reasoning for this? It’s not making a person “sneaky” anymore because they can have it the entire time they are in the game.

Fix the map glitches: Complex has become a HUGE one that everyone uses in Oddball. Stop leaving it and hoping it will go away, that should have been fixed the next day. Even Call of Duty does these things almost on a daily basis.

Flood: Either the zombies need to take more damage or take the Thruster pack away. Did you not even test this one? It was the very first thing I noticed playing it, and if you right with the sword you break the games hitbox. The shotgun also needs less ammo, it’s a one shot kill if used right don’t give people enough ammo to last the entire round with just that.

Objectives: Give us the option to drop the objective. The only time I want to be forced to pick the the oddball is when it’s thrown to me. And giving someone a pistol with the flag doesn’t help much either. Give me the option to drop the flag when I want to, I don’t want to have the entire enemy team surround me while I only have a pistol to defend myself, it makes no sense for it to be that way. This ruins strategies for playing an objective. When I carry a flag I usually have a power weapon with me, as I’m taking the fastest way possible back to my base and that’s generally out in the open or with little cover, and I want to be able to drop the objective and defend myself with a weapon that I’ve earned.

Playlists: Rotational playlists is not a bad idea, when done with the right playlists. You took out two playlists that have been a staple of Halo since it went live with Halo 2 in 2005. Team Snipers and Team Doubles should be in there already, and should stay in there, I don’t want to wait a month or more that play either of those. And Snipers works well on every map, with the exception of Adrift, because they are to big for any other gametype. Rotational playlists should be those that are new, such as Dominion and Regicide. I understand that you are proud of bringing new gametypes and idea’s into the series, but these new ones should be the ones that are rotational, not the ones that have been here since the series was created. And quite honestly Regicide was a bad idea. The leader should never have a waypoint over his head just because they are better than the people they are playing against. And the point system to go with it is awful. Why should killing the leader give you more points than killing the person in 4th? A basic FFA with ordinances would have been a much better idea.

This game has a lot of hope to be an amazing game. But the support and caring for the community isn’t there. I know I’m just one person, but I’m not the only one who is thinking this. You are going to lose almost the entire competitive Halo community during this games life cycle if things are not fixed.

You created a game that brought in a lot of new people, but they will not stay is the game is broken and not given the support it needs. I could have gone of much much longer, but these are some main points that need to be addressed.

The game has been out for less than two weeks and I’ve hard trouble playing it since the third day because of these things, and I’m not the only one. I’ve never returned a Halo game, but this might be the first one. I don’t want to leave this game series because of things that can be fixed with ease. Halo:CE was the first console FPS I ever played, and to date, is also the most fun. I’ve had every Halo since its release date. I really tried to like this game, and the only way I can play it is with the most basic settings possible.

Please fix this game, it’s honestly not hard if you want it to last more than the next couple months.