Why i think so many complain.

So this is mostly on Halo 5 but also the gaming community in general. Have you ever been out in a normal day with average normal people or whatever and suddenly a guy starts a debate about the importance of split screen or hey did you hear Halo has sprint now… yea not me the reason is no one really cares i mean pitted up against real life issues of a daily persons life the idea of sprint being in halo and no split screen is as important as that fart you just passed not to long ago, it just happens and you move on and its overshadowed bu well every other thing in life. Thus these people come to this forum to scream and shout and demand they are entitled to things. and its for this reason some of them come off as they do not have a life outside of halo, but I am sure they do but they cant go to other places and really have these conversations. But the thing about these forums is its about Halo so yea there is going to be some hate on many subjects i mean its the internet, though some of the complaints seem silly like the shield color when one gets shot hell im sure someone would complain how the buildings are not true halo buildings anymore.But the real realization is people here don’t care to hear the complaints anymore because it has become so overwhelming and its usually the same people just they make multiple threads. below i shall list some things and they are my personal likes so they are not wrong for halo when i play halo.

For me Sprint does not kill halo so the argument sprint kills halo cant be used on me since i like it.
the spartan abilities kill halo also cant be used on me since i like the addition of them.
i don’t care either way about weapon skins so you cant tell me it ruins halo since well i don’t care.

of course noone talks about halo or games in general in everyday conversation. its the same as talking about movies or books. im going to guess that 99% of everyday conversation is about things that concern people’s daily lives. thats just normal.

the only time people talk about other stuff is when it becomes relevant. here halo and all things related to it are relevant. escuse people for talking about halo in a place ment for people to talk about halo.

talking about gameplay and mechanics relating to halo is relevant, talking about the aesthetics of halo is relevant, talking about the sounds of halo is relevant.

complaining/ whining that people are putting in their imput as to what theyd like to see in halo is the only thing silly. i wont say some topics ive seen here werent of any meaningful discussion if any but i wouldt call them worthless.

please dont assume people here have no lives just because we come here and talk about a shared intrest. thats just ignorant. please refraim from doing so in the future.

ps viewing everyone’s opinions as below your own is a sign that yours is a selfentitled one.

I myself hate how none of my friends don’t stay up to date with halo news so I can’t discuss it with them. But I don’t go complain on the forums because there ain’t much for me to complain about. I can learn to adapt to new gameplay mechanics instead of being a big fat baby. What ruins halo is all the people complaining about how much 343 is ruining it.

Meh. This is how fan forums work mate. I mean, you’ve got a point about people having lives outside of Halo, but bringing that up as a reason not to complain about it holds no bearing here. This is a Halo specific/focused arena of discussion and feedback. It may seem counter productive to have these complaints and I agree they become redundant, however it’s necessary conversation. It’s just how the cogs turn. Especially for an upcoming mega-title. Perspective is perspective and on here it’s all about the little things.

I totally agree claytonJc88. All I hear lately is Halo is dying. Halo is a COD ripoff. 343 ruined Halo. Its all that bullS*** thats causing the new ‘lets hate halo’ attitude everyone seems to have. Its popular to not like halo anymore, and thats sad. The only way people are going to come back to halo is if its own fans stop complaining like nagging old women about it and just play it. Stop comparing it to COD, stop criticizing it for not being Halo 2 or 3 or ce, and just let Halo happen. I still love halo, playing HMCC right now. Its a shame so many kids are being pushed away from a great franchise like Halo because of all the Hater, Playstation fanboys, and ‘fans’ who cant stop -Yoinking!-… ugh… anyway, Halo2 anniversary is waiting, gtg!

People complain because that’s what people do. We don’t need threads about why people complain or complaining about people complaining.

If you want to do that, go make a blog.