Why I Think Halo 6 Will Be Great


Hey everyone! This is just a fun post talking about what I think the next Halo games will have and why I think the next main series Halo game will be one of the best.
From what I have seen, many people liked the story 343 delived in Halo 4. I agree with these people. Halo 4 introduced us to new aspects of the Master Chief as well as create new conflicts that we want to solve. Halo 5 story was good, if you had a good understanding of the lore, but could have been way better. I know 343 can make good stories because they’ve done it already. What I think is that they spent most of development making multiplayer. I’ll get into multiplayer in a bit, but since 343 has a gameplay style that is really good, they don’t need to focus on it as much and can shift focus into campaign.
Gameplay in Halo 5 was overhauled to make a fun, competitive experience. I think 343 will barely touch gameplay in the next game.
One of the biggest complaints for Halo 5 is its lack of gametypes. From what I can tell, it looks like these missing gametypes aren’t in the game as they need to be balanced for Halo 5’s gameplay mechanics (except KotH, Fiesta, Race, and other gametypes that don’t need adjustments for Halo 5 gameplay). I believe that 343 will have a lot more time to make more gametypes since some will be done in Halo 5 and more can be made in development.
The maps in Halo 5 are mediocre at best. I don’t know how they will make better maps, but here’s my theory.
Since they have had more time playing around with their Halo 5 gameplay, they’ll have a better understanding of what is needed to make a good map for this gameplay.
I think Forge will be about the same as the final update Forge will get in Halo 5. It’ll be still awesome and may add new, cool things.
I completely believe that split-screen will make a return after the backlash its absence brought in Halo 5. If not, then maybe 343 really is “incompetent,” as the haters say.

Basically, I think Halo 6 or whatever will be an all around good experience as 343 becomes more comfortable with Halo’s current gameplay. More time will be put into the things that were lacking in Halo 5, and the things that worked in Halo 5 will need little to no time to be changed or improved.

I’d like to hear your opinion. Do you think Halo 6 will be the great or will it suck?

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The biggest support that 343 will actually get gamemodes in at launch is that they aren’t creating a new engine for the game to run, that was what slowed down 343.(I know bungie did it 3 times, but 343 is bungies retarded cousin, they’re a little slower.) And as much as I would love for Halo 6(Dumb side Name pending) to have split screen, i doubt it will, only because 343 wants the game to always be at 60 fps 1080p.

I think less focus on the 60 Fps 1080p and more into campaign and multiplayer.

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> I think less focus on the 60 Fps 1080p and more into campaign and multiplayer.

My sentiments exactly. I don’t care about the clarity, I just want a fun game.

> 2533274861813747;3:
> I think less focus on the 60 Fps 1080p and more into campaign and multiplayer.

Well, the fact that they already did the legwork on getting all their tools set to accommodate 1080/60 and dedicated servers on the Xbox One means they should have more resources available to do the other things in the game.

So many folks just gloss over the engineering work it took to bring Halo into the 21st century.

If 343 take the good from H4s campaign and the good from H5s multiplayer there is no reason they can fail. By this point they know what we want and expect for Halo 6 there can be almost no excuse if they get it wrong.