why I think halo 4 needs ranked playlists

My first game of Halo 2, on the night before release. I waited for 2 hours outside a freezing cold VHS video store for the opportunity to get it early.

Halo 2 changed the face of Xbox Live. It turned what was a casual, social and carefree experience in to something different and exciting. Clans, teams, ranks, competitive maps, MLG, levels. These keywords changed the way we played games on the Xbox. Halo 2 revolutionized gaming and birthed a generation of competitive gamers. It also established the Xbox brand, and gave a viable alternative to inaccessible competitive PC gaming.

Halo 3 continued the tradition
, maintaining the ethos of matchmaking and teamwork, while adding a new polish, with EXP, social playlists and grifball. There was something for everyone. The population swelled, and Halo 3 enjoyed 3 golden years atop the Xbox Live activity charts, MLG mainstage and all over the internet.

Halo Reach killed competition, in favor of credits. Halo Reach killed teamwork, in favor of individual Arena ratings. Halo Reach took the value out of ranks, by replacing real ranks with pretty pictures that were nothing more than a representation of how many daily “challenges” you’ve completed, and how much firefight you’ve played against AI.

Now you may not agree with the above. But now some of the pro “change” and “evolution” forum members might begin to see things from the perspective of an old-fashioned hardcore Halo matchmaking aficionado. You might start to understand why I would rather see Halo matchmaking return to the framework established by two of the most successful Xbox/360 games of all time, as opposed to the new unnatural evolution spurred on by Reach, which seeks to water Halo down until it appeals to the lowest common denominator. Halo is becoming a franchise that tries to appeal to everyone, and in the process pleases nobody.

Halo 4 needs a ranking system that reflects a player’s or even a team’s skill. Guests need to be kept away from hardcore players that actually want to play people of similar skills. LEVELS need to reflect one’s ability to win consistently as a part of a team. EXP and cR should have their place along side skill based levels. Clans would be nice.

That is my opinion. It is not right, and it is not wrong. And it probably wont be swayed by others’ opinions that reflect contrary views. That is all.

puts on flame retardant suit and and awaits the abuse

you sir, are correct.

Sounds about right :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like something like this,

Competitive Playlists - Halo 2’s Ranking System

Social Playlists - Reach’s Ranking System

I’m shocked at the positive feedback… Perhaps I’m more in tune with the Waypoint community that I previously thought.

> I’m shocked at the positive feedback… Perhaps I’m more in tune with the Waypoint community that I previously thought.

Well that’s not so big surprise, here’s pretty much competitive players complaining about Sprint, and they say the older Halo’s were much better even tho they hated Halo 3 before it made it way to the shops, and now they hate Halo 4 just as much as the previous Halo games. You just said what everything been thinking and shouting in the forums.

Regards to you Sir.

True, but I don’t think they “hate” Halo 4. They’re just afraid that 343 could continue making the controvercial mistakes/decisions that Bungie made in the Halo games after Halo 3. And so far, I think that fear is justified. There was only a few seconds worth of Halo footage in the recent vidoc, yet we already saw sprint and the double beatdown anti-bleedthrough features of Reach featuring in Halo 4.

I will give 343 a chance though. I owe them that much.

You won’t be needing that suit. Alot of people will agree with you.