Why I think 343i is ruining Halo

We all love Halo, just not every single Halo out there.

For me I didn’t like Halo 5 and Halo 4, both made by 343i.

I think 343i is ruining Halo and here is why.

  1. It tries to much to be one of it’s competitors.

We all know Halo players and CoD players do not mix well, so why did 343i try to “copy” some mechanics from it? If we complained Halo 4 was being too much like CoD why did you add in thrusters and ground pounds? This is the main reason all of these games are going down the drain. CoD tries to be like Halo and BF (CoD Ghost and AW) but then fail. Halo tries to be like CoD because they have more players but fail to realize that hardly anyone wants a CoD generic shooter.

  1. They don’t realize that Micro transactions are bad!

343i saw that CS:GO and CoD was getting a lot of money from micro transactions, so they hopped on the moneywhore train. I don’t like how I only have a chance to get an armor piece that I like. I don’t mind it that much but then they added a game where it is focused on the -Yoink- you get when you buy those packs.

  1. The Banning System

Enough said

  1. Halo 5 has no content.

If I get banned for no reason I better have something else to play. Which I don’t. I get banned and then I get Warzone to play. Woopie doo P2W game modes my favorite. Then I have custom games, which is broken. I can hardly start a game. Custom games is also boring because there is no infected.

  1. No infected.

Infected is what made people still play Reach and Halo 4. It is what made custom games amazing. We got cool game modes like fat kid and Duck hunt. Now we have to trust the players in order to play normal flood. We needed this before grifball, because this adds so much more casual content into the game.

Please don’t hate me just because you think Halo 5 is perfect, because you are the one that is ruining Halo. jk but really don’t hate because this is my opinion.

I definitly Agree with the banning system and how bad it is, but most things with 343 is not to bad, I really like the multiplayer and they just need to better the story campain now.