Why I Think 343 Have Missed the Mark with Halo 5

“Warning Rant Below”
I have followed the Halo series from Halo Combat Evolved on the Orignal Xbox all the way to Halo 5. I purchased not only the xbox one specifically for Halo 5 but also the Xbox 360 specifically for Halo 3 and 4. I even went the step up and brought the Halo 5 Edition Console plus the Halo 5 Limited Collectors Edition just to be completely disappointed and feeling I should have saved my $1000. Below are why I personally think 343 have missed the mark with Halo 5.

  • Why do I spend 3 quarters of a game playing as Locke?? I would understand if I played the game 50/50 between him and Master Chief even though that would still annoy me but I play this game for the Master Chief. What is it 3 missions or something you play as MC? That’s not the Halo I know, the title of Halo 5 should have been called “Kind of Halo but not really”
  • No Split Screen? NO SPLIT SCREEN??? Thanks to 343 for ruining my potential nights to sit and game with my fiance, mates, family members and anyone else that would have played. You have turned a social aspect of a game in to a selfish one. It went from hey you want to come around for some drinks and play some Halo to I can’t see you tonight I am playing Halo. I had my brother and best friend around the night of release for a night of drinks and Halo. Once it finished downloading it turned from 3 mates about to start what was supposed to be an awesome night to 1 guy sitting on a couch by himself. Once we found out it wasn’t split screen there comment was well I didn’t come around here to watch you play halo so seeya later and they left… By the way these were both potential Xbox purchasers… Why would they even consider it now when they weren’t given the opportunity to experience the game that makes the console. My best mate went and brought a Playstation last weekend and we went around his place over the weekend playing rocket league and drinking beers. That could have been Halo
  • The Game was way to short… Just as I was getting in to it BAM it ends with Cortana poping up “I found you”… seriously… Sounds like that creppy chick from the wedding crashes (Don’t you leave me I find you)…This is the first Halo game to not finish the storyline. Yes they have led on to other stories but at least the story was completed. This was actually -Yoink-, excuse my french.

On a positive side what I did like about the game was it looked amazing and was smooth throughout the whole game. So well done on that part.

Unfortunately due to the negatives I don’t see myself playing this anymore. I have played through it once, I am quite happy to admit that I am not good enough to play online ( I have played 2 matches and the first was 0 kills and 10 deaths and the second was 3kills 42deaths so no more of that -Yoink-). So for me unless i can play it with my friends then it just isn’t enjoyable and to be honest I wish I hadn’t spent over $1000 for the console and game.

This has completely changed my views on the Halo game itself. It has changed my view from Halo being “the most amazing game in the world with nothing better than it” to “Meh”
I hope this gets to someone from 343. I would have preferred to write this in an email instead of a public forums but there is no email contact for 343 so this was my only way.

On a side note what I have been doing quite a bit lately is going to my mates place and playing rocket league. Amazing drinking game that you can play with friends!!

The multiplayer is what all the effort went into. And the Xbox one can’t handle splitscreen on Halo 5.

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> This is the first Halo game to not finish the storyline.

So you’ve never played Halo 2?

To be honest Halo 2 was that long ago The only thing that I remember about it was sitting down to play it and feeling very similar that it was over before it started

I do own the legendary edition of it though with the metal case but can’t play it because my original xbox has -Yoink- itself