Why I spent more on Halo wars 2 and not Halo infinite

So I haven’t spent a penny on Halo Infinite since I purchased the campaign, but I did on 343Is previous game Halo Wars 2. Heres why.

Halo Wars offered campaign DLC and new characters for multiplayer with different abilities and methods and and a new game mode.

Halo Infinite offers cosmetics that don’t seem worth the price.


The DLC for Halo Wars 2 was great.
I love the members of Banished. Voridus and Pavium are savage brothers, loving.
That’s good. A beloved member.
It’s also good that the number of members that can be used in battles has increased and each has its own unique characteristics.

Cinematics by Blur is powerful and threat of flood,
It was the best that drew Bruto’s expression. cool.

Terminal Firefight, which can be played for a long time, was also the best experience.
Really great.

Well… Infinite has ice effects for the same price.
That’s cool, but… it’s expensive. Certainly expensive.
A little more… I think it’s good if it’s about half the price.


im not into rts games but i think it deserves more recognition, maybe if it does we could see some weapons, vehicles, and enemies from it in infinite or at least the next game. i feel ripped just for wasting my gamepass time on it.

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Yep, I bought the DLCs for Halo Wars 2 too. On the other hand, I never spent anything on Infinite.