Why I personally liked the demo...

Well… I will be stating why I liked the demo and address the top criticisms that people seem to talk about. Know that these are just my opinions.

First of all… I will start off by saying…

YES… the Halo 4 demo DID impress me MORE than this one:

It had more moments that wowed me and got me extremely excited more so than H5. But why is that???

That’s because we knew barely anything about Halo 4 prior to its demo at E3. We never knew:

  1. That we were going to fight the Prometheans

  2. What they looked like

  3. the weapons they used

  4. They tactics and strategy they presented

  5. Plus… Halo 4 never had a beta… so we did not had a solid grip on what the game play was even like.

So when Halo 4 game play was first demoed at E3… Many of us were surprised to see completely new and exotic enemies. Enemies that we’ve never seen before. Enemies thet DELVE MORE INTO THE LORE. It made us more… INTERESTED IN the universe of Halo. It made us more eager to play Halo 4 and fight against these new foes.

Now… Before the Halo 5 demo even surfaced online… we already knew:

  1. Locke is hunting Chief

  2. Arbiter will join

  3. Sangheilios will be a setting

  4. Covenants are speaking English (Grunts are funny again)

  5. Buck is back

  6. Cortona will play a role

  7. Prometheans Soldiers are a new class of enemy

  8. It will be squad based just like Republic Commando (which many of ya’ll seem to like).

  9. You will be able to command your teammates to do various tasks.

  10. Blue Team is back

  11. And already have an idea on how the game play works because of the beta.

  12. And much more regarding the story, music, characters, and etc.

What the Halo 5 demo did was it just reinforceed everything I’ve said. It showed what it needed to show. Which is big battles and epic skyboxes, teammates gameplay, Sangheilios, Prometheans Soldier, and the overall atmosphere that 343i has been telling us about.

It did not show many new things (that Keeper of the Domain did surprised me though). But who knows… They had an extremely short window… So they could just show us a SMALL footage that COULD NOT contain spoilers OR the WOW moments that we will experience once we buy the game. Did 343i ever showed the last stage of Halo 4 on the Broadsword at E3? No. Did they show that Pelican ride during Shutdown? No. Same thing happens here. They want us to see and experience the grand moments ourselves.


Many people seem to be upset about the graphics. I’ll be honest… I wasn’t all that impressed with it either (especially the trailer at the ending). But then I recalled back to when I first saw the Halo 4 demo trailer. Back then… I was a bit disappointed. The explosion effects seemed lackluster… the particles don’t even seem like they were there. Then I bought the game and yes… The graphics completely blew my mind. Heck… Halo 4 (Xbox One version) is STILL ONE OF the best looking games THIS GENERATION.

Ya’ll also have to remember that someone stated (I think it was Josh Holmes) that graphics come at the VERY end of a development cycle. They still have over 4 months to go. Plus… Ya’ll watched the H5 demo through another electronic item. Many of ya’ll probably watched it on Twitch (bad quality btw). So the way the game looks RIGHT NOW is far better than what ya’ll saw on the screen.

And here’s another thing I want to add… As someone said (I forgot who). We are at the point of diminishing returns. Adding in more polygons would barely make any difference (ESPECIALLY with this gen consoles). The graphical jump will not be as high as it was a decade ago. I would rather 343i focus more on what’s important. Like 60 FPS and smooth gameplay.


Every E3 games shown is scripted… Halo 4 demo was extremely scripted. But the FINAL product was NOT nearly as scripted as the demo was. Plus… They had to script things in order to play the demo in a proper way within a short amount of time.

Overall… The PRESENTATION ITSELF was not great. But the GAME seems to be shaping up to be one of the best games this year. I may not be as excited as the Halo 4 demo… but that’s ONLY because I already knew 98% of the stuff they showed at E3. Like I previosuly stated… 343i just REINFORCED the new things added to the game. And people LIKED those new changes… I don’t see why ya’ll are upset… It showed what it needed to show. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Plus… 343i only showed us an extremely small portion of the campaign. We haven’t even seen other places, Blue Team in action, hear more of the music, see space battle gameplays, and etc.

But I still like it… Why?? Because they are adding in WAY MORE LORE, STORY, AND CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT than Bungie ever did IMO. They are focusing more on the gameplay aspect rather than the looks. Scripted at E3?? Yes. Just as scripted for the FINAL product?? No.

If 343i had NEVER announced: Blue Team, squad gameplay, big battles on ground, space battles, Arbiter returning, Sangheilios, and etc. I bet ya’ll would feel wowed because then the demo would show TONS of new and exciting stuff. Just like Halo 4 did with the Prometheans.

So… (Like I’ve stated before) The Halo 5 demo did what it needed to do. It showed changes that many of ya’ll seem to like. I don’t see why ya’ll would be upset about it.

And last but not least… These are my opinions… so there will be no need for insults.

Thanks for reading.

Very well articulated. About the graphics; I already think Halo 5 is the best if not one of the best looking games this year!


The only thing I wasn’t a fan of is how short of a time slot it got, which made the demo feel very short

> 2533274933749851;2:
> Very well articulated. About the graphics; I already think Halo 5 is the best if not one of the best looking games this year!

Overall the detail is nice and the area they went through had some great atmosphere so I’m hoping that continues throughout. Some excessive shiny in some spots but not too bad.

> 2533274804255020;4:
> The only thing I wasn’t a fan of is how short of a time slot it got, which made the demo feel very short

I think most of Microsoft e3 was really rushed, but that’s because they really had a lot to show. Heck we did even see scalebound, crackdown and quantum break. I can really blame 343 when they have such a short window.

I loved everything about it

I don’t really think that they were even trying to impress anyone because of it’s short length. I think they’re gonna bring out the big guns at their panel this Wednesday.

While I myself was not disappointed with the presentation, I can’t really argue with much of what you said. Very nice post.

Thank you for this well written, and clearly well thought out post. It is nice to see that some people aren’t just rushing headlong into posts about how disappointing everything was and instead taking time to think things through.