Why i may not buy Halo 5 And how to improve Halo.

Hey Everybody, this is xUnknownSoldazx. a member of the Halo Waypoint Community and i am talking about Why i may not buy Halo 5: Guardians and if 343 reads this, how to improve future Halo’s.
Based off of BDobbinsFTW’s "How The Halo 5 Guardians Community Can Make Halo 6 Good"

My primary concern is that Halo is becoming more and more like the generic shooter. What i am talking about is the lack of innovation in the Next Gen Games. To be honest, is there anything in Halo 5 that couldn’t be done on the Xbox 360/PS3? No, There is not. Game Developers just copied what they did on the X360/PS3 and pasted it into The XBONE/PS4 And that is why there is Few New/Innovative Ideas on the Next Gen Consoles, You have the ball, now run with it. you can do so much more on the Next Gen Consoles. Like here is some ideas from fans of new, innovative ideas that you could not do on the Old Gen Consoles

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLqjxYQ7irs and look in the comments.

Aside from That, lets see what your “Innovation” Looks like. Spartan Abilities (Charge, Thruster Pack .etc) Smart Scope (Which i like to call ADS). This isn’t new. These things we’re successful in CoD and other generic shooters So 343 is like “Maybe we can put that in our game to!” When developing Halo 5, They didn’t go to the drawing board for new ideas and new concepts and ideas bring real Innovation. They said “Hmmmm… What is the best way to release a 60$ game with the title “Halo” on it?” So, instead of going to the drawing board to think of new ideas and concepts, they went to the focus groups. that is where they bring in average gamers like you and me and ask them “What do you want in our game?” If i we’re one of those 9 year olds that you bring in, this is what i would say

1: Blow my mind. Make maps that you can fly around in your epic spartan suits while this epic ship war is happening in the background. I want to fly a hornet in outer space OR on a Big Team Map, A Pelican And fly in and destroy all of the 8 year olds shooting fusion coils with there Plasma Pistol. Or Maybe Pelican CTF/Assault Where like in Sandtrap with the elephants, You fly around in this huge pelican trying to defend off all of the Kangaroos bouncing on top your pelican. Or maybe you try to engage the other pelican then its this epic chase while your men are bouncing off of asteroids killing the other team. Then finally your teammate noscopes the Pilot out of his pelican then we get our pelicans side by side and get 3 easy flag caps to finish the game off. Wow, What a game that would be.

2: Bring More Concepts/Ideas Lets compare Shooters to the name brand and the gross imitation brands. The name brand right now is CoD and all of the Imitation brands are the games that follow this games new ideas and concepts. Now, Halo is becoming more and more like the imitation brand one game at a time. If halo wants to reclaim its throne as the best FPS on the market it needs to become the name brand again. People are more likely to buy the Name Brand then the Imitation Brand and how to do that is bring in new,creative innovative ideas to make it a fresh, new game. For example, Regenerating Shields after a gunfight. A concept that was later adapted by CoD and was sucessful and that franchise to. Halo needs to stop following trends and needs to start setting them again.

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