Why I love halo!!

Firstly, I’ve never played through an entire Halo game. Only played parts of the first Halo on my friends xbox back when it came out. I however have read all the books and am really fascinated with the Halo Universe. Remember reading Contact Harvest and falling in love with it. Characters like Avery really came to life.

I guess I find the Halo universe inspiring because I’ve always been fascinated with the interstellar mankind. I truly believe we will reach the stars someday, colonize new worlds and encounter other life forms. But we need to stop bickering and squabbling like children between ourselves and unite as a species. Humanity can achieve what now is viewed as the impossible. We only need put our minds to it.
Steve Hawking once said “the human race will not survive the next 1,000 years unless we spread into space.” and I believe this to be true. Imagine looking up at mars and telling your son that man lives there… not as Americans, Russians or Japanese but as a united mankind, all of humanity putting aside their differences in cooperation!!!

Halo is potentially what mankind might achieve. We won’t see the day however, but we can imagine. Just as the creators of the Halo universe have done. Like to thank them all for giving us access to their broad and magnificent imagination!! Just wish I could afford an Xbox but watching the short videos on youtube and the books themselves are amazing enough!!

Thanks for reading, I don’t have any game knowledge just felt like signing up and rambling that out.



You would find Star Trek a very inspiring series, considering the outlook dispayed there. Poverty, wants, hunger, racism, division all eliminated and mankind’s finest going forth into space to colonize planets. I find the Halo story more of a survival thing, and some of the things deemed necessary may raise moral questions (the Spartan II program for example). Perhaps one day we will be united, but I don’t think that is within this century sadly.

Very good post. I too see Halo in a very similar way. Hopefully in our future we are not getting Glassed by the Covenant! :slight_smile:

Yeah I love Star Trek, despite it IMO not being as realistic as Halo. Shame we are so divided really… I don’t think we will ever see it. Steve Hawking reckons we got less then a 50% chance of making it to 3000… Pretty dismal if you ask me.

Haha agreed! We as a species are only 5000 years old in a 17 billion year old universe… 400 billion stars in the milky way galaxy, won’t be long till we encounter some form of intelligent life. Despite the implications of the fermi paradox I still think we will find something… only been searching for ET for around 50 years!