why i love bungie and hope 343 can carry on what they were trying to tell the fans

( this is all copy and pasted from the bunge.net forum i made and moved it here and yes, its all not proper grammer and such. just the message i want out to the fans…343…bungie…and hopefully the fans )

cause of all the lil easter eggs they hide in plain sight but we don’t see till later.
the stories of all the chars.
the story…is what i love.
most stories have a few to quite a few chars.
but halo in all… a wiiiide amount of them and all over the universe.
can;t really beat that for bungie coming up with all of this.
and not alone either. they had help.
cause i don’t think any one can handle how big halo became.
first off as a sole sparten trapped on a ring world.
To fighting the flood and the covvies head on in three.
the side story of the rookie exploring and picking up the peices of the time that has past with his squad.
to reach where all sparten’s were made and died to pass along cortana to cheif.
reach explains how it began.

and of course the books i want to read but never got to.
to me its not really the game play its the story.

where so many passed their lives to pass hope.
and with that was their enemies undoing.
and so with microsoft… they can shove it with their short minded money grabbing hands.
any and all halos to me is a story being told and a damn good one it is.
and so what was halo to you?
and please answer nicely.
cause you know theres no need to have a raging evil rant going on here.
what some have lost along the way was halo’s story.
it was clouded by all this ranking…t bagging.
all of the stupid crap going on.
at times i could care less of the MM.
the story of halo is what got me into it soo many years ago.

( wow never typed this much into one post. and yes there will be errors but, eh… )

but yes, to me its the story. not what is the next best thing.
this is bungie telling their story…or trying to atleast if the fans only stop and listen, instead of going about partly meaningless things. like who is higher rank or who has more credits.
MM is just the offtime from the story, like a pastime thing.

and seeing bungie, they liked the fans looking for secerts like the GRD helmet or the skulls, datapads and what not to maybe see if they can get the players back into the story.
and seeing your own sparten with in the story maybe make the players return to the story line elements.
they tried so hard on that it seems.
but seems like some didn’t see it.
i saw it the second i saw my own char in the story.
putting myself in another sparten’s life.
to be and unsung hero hidden behind another which is the cheif ad mostly story wise countless others.
to make you the player an unsung hero fallen with their brothers and sisters of reach.
their place where they fought to pass hope onto cheif and began what was called…Halo. you know this is a refreshing pace for the forums…
not some rant on a credit ban…GRD…or um hating bungie thing?
or the AL war…and the flame wars <.<

quite a change ^^.

Well I like both game studios ,and we should just wait in see what 343 has for us.

yea im excited they they are remastering the first one…thouhg i hope they reconsider putting theater in it.