Why I Like The Idea of Armor Abilities in Halo 4

Think about this for a minute, the only reason Armor Abilities sucked in Halo Reach was because they were the missing pieces that filled the void left by Bungie’s gameplay changes.

- Sprint was there because run and movement speed was reduced because of the Spartan 3’s
- Jet-Pack was there because of the lowered jump height
- Evade was there because of a slower strafe speed
- Armor Lock was for protection from explosive ordinance causing more damage to the SIII’s weaker shields
- Active Camo was there because of the lack of power-ups
- And lastly Bubble Shield was there because it looks cool

However with the re-introduction of the Master Chief being a Spartan 2, and the multiplayer Spartans being S4’s, the movement, jump height, will be like Halo 3 if not faster. You can also see the faster gameplay and movement from the few multiplayer videos out now and the later coming this week from Game Informer.

Bottom line is that in Halo 4 Armor Abilities are not being implemented to fill the void of lost abilities, they now will enhance our Spartan’s. Much like how they did in Halo 3.

Yes, but you still have an ability that I don’t, and that leads to rock paper scissors gameplay.