Why I like complex and why more maps like it

It’s big enough to where it encoarages movement, but small enough that theres usually SOMETHING going on. People actually have to move around the map. Perhaps it is slightly too large, but then again the other maps are too small and chaotic IMO.

Does anyone feel the same way? if maps (and a balanced DMR) encouraged movement more halo 4 would be much more fun to me.

This is ignoring the wall clip and other glitches with the map obviously.

Everyone standing on top of the main building picking off people when they spawn the entire game isn’t exactly what I would call map movement…

> Everyone standing on top of the main building picking off people when they spawn the entire game isn’t exactly what I would call map movement…

if someone is standing on top of a building and you cant pick them off with a DMR theres soemthing wrong.

Complex would be the best map in Halo 4 if DMR was removed. Until then, its as horrid as the rest.

IMO Complex is one of the worst if not the worst map in Halo 4. If your not using a DMR you can kiss your chances of going positive kd goodbye on that map. With the DMR being overpowered in most situations already, the huge open areas of the map make it impossible for automatic and even br/carbine users to use half the map. Im forced to stay inside on the bottom end of the map because I like many others who use the BR more than anything CANNOT leave the inside of ANY building without being picked of by a DMR user. There is absolutely no map movement.

They either need to make the DMR take one more bullet to pop shields or slow the fire rate for it because as of now its way to overpowered.

I recently played a game on Complex where things seem to be going our way right up to the point where we kept spawning in the back corner and the other team where sniping and DMRing us over and over. Unlike the others I did not leave the game, because it was our fault for allowing them to get the upper hand.

I hate Complex with a passion. No justifiable reason, it just feels like a really bland and boring map and I always do horribly when I play it. Which is odd, because I loved Powerhouse, and it’s basically the same.

EDIT: think I’ve thought of a reason. It’s too open. At basically any point (unless you camp in a building), multiple people from multiple levels can see and shoot you. There’s no way you can cover them all at once. It’s not like Haven, where there are well-defined routes, or Valhalla, where there are two clear sides and you know who’s where, or Powerhouse, where (while it’s fairly open) there are congregation areas (e.g. the area above Rocket spawn, the Grenade Launcher spawn building) where you can defend the chokepoints enemies can attack from, or see the whole scope of areas you can be attacked from at once. Anybody at any time can shoot you from any direction. This problem is compounded by the spawn system, where killing a player basically means you’re insta-teleporting them to a random map location

Completely disagree with this. Complex is not a great map. It is too open in many area, spawns are quite poor, and if people aren’t on top of the middle building shooting people as they spawn, they are camping in the building waiting for people to arrive in the grenade-fest that awaits.

The problem is is that it is slightly too big for 4v4, it is a squad battle (6v6) size map for ideal gameplay.

Agreed. Also sucks for oddball and Flood seeing as everyone likes to be the last man standing/or hold the ball while hiding in the wall glitch like a little -Yoink-.