Why I don't like smurfing

So I’m playing doubles against this guy that’s championbut he was playing with a smurf partner . Then I got hate mail because I’m a scrub but I had a platinum on my team. I guess it was “too easy again scrub” and apparently I’m an “-Yoink!- -yoink-” because I lost. Now I do not mind to play them but with a decent team mate at least, that’s what I ask would they like to do a 2v2 with my friend which they “kindly declined”. (Sarcasm) We all know 343 can’t do much about it but I don’t understand how I can go down so much csr it’s like 343 expects me to carry but how am I supposed to if I’m lowk playing against a hidden high onyx/champion. As I was writing this I played with another team that was smurfing and apparently I “goooossssed” because I didn’t try because again I’m getting matched with not the best team mates. P.s if you look at the details of their past ganes you’ll want I mean by them getting easy wins. So what I’m trying to say is they’re getting easy csr and I’m literally losing about 10-30 csr from it and ruining the Champion system because they’re basically boosting csr. I don’t know though just my thoughts on it.

Calling out is against the forum rules. FYI.

The only way to fix champ “smurfing” (i mean technically it isn’t rank smurfing) is to remove the ability for champs to team with low rank accounts in ranked playlists, that or straight up ban them but they can always make a new account or a new Xbox if they are console banned.

I understand what you’re saying and yes I agree with smurfing sucks and please you are NOT allowed to call out other people it’s breaking forum rule.

So I recommend you to report and block those people.

Fixed it

This proper grate’s on me but unfortunately it’s a problem that isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

It ruins adequate rankings and makes the ranking system defunct and useless.

Im currently in silver and I have to see it’s pretty easy I’ve gone games with out dying once but I still get my -Yoink- handed to me occasionally by possible smurfs or derankers. Facing people who don’t fit that rank keeps me at a lower rank than I should possibly be and in a way allows me to get a similar effect to smurfing.

You get the most uneven matches in doubles. You get so many boosters in halo