Why I do not defend 343 (please give replies)

Been seeing a LOT of hate on these forums and want to talk with those who defend 343. Below are my reasons why I don’t defend it.

  • The lack of content shipped at launch: No social playlists, no oddball/KOTH/etc, no forge mode, no BTB (all staples of past halo games)
  • People say that this is a GREAT Halo game. Now, if it is, then I implore you to tell me why it’s at spot 8 on top ten most played games instead of top 3.
  • People say that we are getting “free content”. Do you think this content would still be free if there were no micro transactions?
  • Free content (if memory serves correct) only includes one extra map for warzone, a couple remasters of maps from Halo 5, and a ton of new REQs
  • People have asked for more playlists and social playlists. All we’ve gotten so far is temporary playlists (snipers, doubles, etc), and a temporary holiday social. They changed BTB to a social playlist which seems lazy to me (opinion)
  • 343 is now adding a warzone assault variant to Noctus. I don’t understand why they couldn’t just do that earlier.

Also, this is a forum question, I’ve seen a lot of other people criticize those who are asking for more varied maps and more playlists in general. Why is it a bad thing to ask that? Wouldn’t it benefit you guys as well? In asking for more, we benefit together as players.