Why I dislike parts of halo reach and halo wars 1

Now dont get me wrong, Halo reach and halo wars 1 were both GREAT games. But they kinda annoy me in their story. This is why.
When the pillar of autumn exited slipspace near Alpha halo, it was really cool because halo is made of unimaginable technology
Made by an amazing race that have been never before seen. But the problem is,
Humanity have already encountered that technology ages ago so the initial hype when the autumn found halo fades by A LOT.
Also, when the spirit of fire combatted the flood, well, the Level in halo 1, 343 Guilty Spark sort of loses all of it’s hype too.
The amazing storytelling conveyed by the flood is EPIC but knowing, now that the flood has already been awakened and is still in living memory ruins, in my opinion, the most amazing and meaningful level in halo 1.
Tell me what you think about it.

Canon wise it doesn’t really matter either way. Most people were unaware of the Forerunner tech on Reach and either perished during the battle or were not present at Installation 04 (Halo CE). Regarding The Flood, the Spirit of Fire also was out of contact with the UNSC until Halo Wars 2, which took place after Halo CE, therefore Humanity’s first contact with The Flood is still during the events of Halo CE at Installation 04.

Game wise - It depends on how you play the games. When Halo CE came out, 343 Guilty Spark was the first level you fought The Flood, completely off guard in a mysterious atmosphere right up until their reveal. The memories from that level still remain with most of us to this day. However, it has been well over 15 years with multiple releases in the franchise. The Flood have been covered in at least 5 out of 9 of the major releases in the franchise (OG trilogy, Wars 1 and 2) so the likelihood of people being exposed to the Flood is much higher than Halo CE’s release. You then have to factor in with this the newer fans who may have started with a later Halo game and then returning to CE so alot of that impact we had back in 2001 may be lost. Either way, I don’t believe Halo Wars 1 lessens the impact of The Flood both from canon and from a game perspective, purely because to me it is down to how the player experiences the Halo games in general and as mentioned, Wars 1 does not change when Humanity encountered The Flood.

Reach is a similar argument. It’s down to how the player has played the games as well as most of the people on Reach perishing or not being present during Halo CE so it once again makes no impact to the canon either. Besides, a handful of Forerunner structures on Reach compares little to a giant hula hoop that can cause the destruction of all sentient life, right?