Why i can't proceed to the next specializatio

I am in Rank 70, and i have already finished the “wetwork” specialization and “operator” but after i finished the two specializations i can’t chooose another specialization because they do not appear in the menu of the specializations, it is like they do not exist and i can’t improve my spartan, so one friend told me that 343 industries would send me a email with a code wich can show me the other specializations, but 343 industries have not send to me that code and i can’t proeed to the next rank, please do you know how to help me or how to contact with 343 industries or the personal of Halo 4 to tell them my problem? I am getting despair

You had to live in the US and play before November 20 to get the email. The are going to start unlocking the specializations for everyone else starting Jan. 21.

You have simply to wait for the next week… :slight_smile:
According to last bulletin, specializations will be released to all players, two for each week (or at least this is the first schedule) starting 21st Jan.
Otherwise you need to have the Limited Edition of the game or be take vantage of the special offer (for american player who played before 20th november, but seems not your case).

See bulletin here: